• A Society is judged by how it cares for the helpless

    Absolutely elder care should be improved. Senior citizens are people who have made their full contributions to society and now, in the twilights of their lives, need to be respected and protected. I realize there are homes for them, nurses to make sure they get their medicines. The reality, though, is that there are too many senior citizens and not enough nurses. If a patient is sick it is more likely that a loved one will notice than a nurse because nurses don't have the time to notice. Or how about excursions; certainly our elders deserve a day out on the town once in a while.

  • Yes, more funds should go towards elder care.

    Yes, elder care is in desperate need of improvement. As of now, state-run nursing homes are not receiving enough money from Medicare/Medicaid to provide their patients a quality standard of care. In addition to the physical frailties of old age, elderly people may develop diseases such as Alzheimer's/dementia which require round-the-clock care that many facilities are unequipped to give. Lack of funding can lead to understaffed care facilities, overcrowding and patient neglect, even abuse. Standard of care should not be determined by how wealthy an elder's family is. The government should give higher priority to funding assisted living facilities.

  • Health care for all needs improvement

    But our elderly especially need better health care, even those that do not have support of family or adequate care and health insurance. Those elderly that live in poverty, in institutions, with abusers, neglected and forgotten. All across America, this is a truth, our senior citizens have a large percentage that are not enjoying their 'golden years.' These folks are not able to meet basic needs of daily living.

  • Yes, elder care should be improved

    There is a need for elder care improvement and to also set a standard of care for the elderly. Many facilities may offer a poorly run care system for the elderly with untrained staff and unsafe conditions. This is usually a cost decision for families, since good elder care is very expensive.

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