Should elders use their own money for a medical system?

  • Let's be honest with ourselves- they were leeches from the start.

    Nowadays, our elderly are (for the most part) doing nothing but voting based off the 3 G's (Gods, guns and gays), shaking their fist at kids, and- despite having their own money- sucking up Healthcare funding that could be used for young, productive people.

    Considering that they're likely to die off soon, they might as well put that hoard back into the system if they want benefits. They want Healthcare, and welfare, and all the sort for free. But if "them Young'uns get it, they're freeloaders!"

  • Depends on whether they have money.

    I mean really- they have a lot of money, they're going to die, and yet they still don't want to spend it.

    They're mostly racist kooks who want free healthcare, free welfare and the sort. But if them young folks get it, it's freeloadin'!

    They should put their money back into the system, because considering that they are of no more use to society other than voting based on the 3 G's (God, guns and gays) and shaking their fist at kids, they really ought to give something back before they die.

  • America should already have Universal Health Care! Elders should not have to worry about Health Care.

    America's health Care system is one big joke. And, only the wealthy get the best care.

    If you are poor or middle class, all your savings should be for your enjoyment during your golden retirement years, not paying for your health care. If you are very wealthy, you should not get social security or medicare and pay for all your medical expenses out of pocket.

    Comparison of the health care systems in Canada and the United States. Universal Health Care in Canada is much better.

    We spend much more in USA and don't live as long (i.E., 80.34 years in Canada versus 78.6 years in USA) and the USA's infant mortality rate higher.


  • No they should not.

    The day an elder should be expected to pay for a medicinal system is the day politicians are volunteers and not over paid people who are clueless to the common person's situation. There was recently a suicide of an older lady over the bedroom tax due to the fact she could not afford to live in the home she lived in for over a decade. For any of these faceless policies or schemes to be justifiable it has to be lead by example, politicians paid lower wages, and given basic facilities to sit and do next to nothing in. There is definitely no need for parliaments or anything in that excessive and needless nature.

  • It should apply if the family don't provide

    With the rising cost every year, it gets harder and harder for people to retire. The elders have to retire at some point and with family not taking care of them i see why not pay out of my taxes for them to be taken care of . They are apart of our lives, we cannot just leave them to nursing home. Which is the worst ever.


    Society as a whole should be responsible for the elderly - they are the reason that the present generation has what it has in the way of wealth, technology and the economy.

    Families, then local and finally national governments, all have to be in a position to assist senior citizens in so many ways. The elderly may have spent their lives contributing to the economy of a nation through taxation, productivity and social support so the least a country can do is repay, in a small way, through pensions, travel concessions and housing costs.

    This doesn't mean that the population assumes all the responsibilities of the senior, only that they should be there if needed.

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