• Enough liars and hypocrites in power

    It's supposed to be 'government by the people for the people'. The people in power are some of the worst among us, Seemingly lacking in any moral or ethical decency. If they're proven to be deceitful before they even start the job why should they be expected to behave any differently. They act with impunity, Against the wishes of the people and usually in complete secrecy. They are eroding democracy. At this point, Continued growth in the military sector and lack of support for civil services should be considered wrong, And those in power that continue on this path, Whether they're american, Russian, Asian, It doesn't matter, They should be considered enemies of peace and be punished accordingly

  • Politicians must be held to account

    There is so little faith in politicians these days. We live in the era where the Supreme Court declares that the corporation is a person, and the influence of money has never been greater. Now is the time for vigilance, given the potential for money to corrupt elected officials. Deception can't be tolerated.

  • Elected Politicians - Liars or Lawmakers?

    Although there are many honest, hardworking politicians out there, it can't be argued that many of them are at times deceitful. Elected officials should indeed be held responsible for their perception because they are preying on the citizens of the country to believe their lies. When a politician makes a mess, he or she should be held accountable for it. Instead of being deceitful and dishonest, the elected official should take responsibility if something goes wrong.

  • Yes, elected officials who lie to the public should be held accountable.

    Elected officials who mislead the public, either through outright lies or through simple failure to perform due diligence on what statements they make, should be held to a strict standard and face severe punishment for their deceptions. Removal from office should be the first step in cases where it is verifiable that deception occurred.

    Take, for example, President Obama making the clear claim that those who had health care plans that they liked would be able to keep those plans under the Affordable Healthcare Act. This statement was a bold-faced lie, told to assuage the concerns of the average US citizen who had questions about a bill that they were not allowed to review before it was passed into law.

    Either President Obama did not bother trying to find out what the truth was or he lied to US citizens. Failure to be bothered with truth should get the impeachment process started and end with Pres. Obama in jail for effectively stealing the good coverage that millions of US citizens relied on and replacing it with bad coverage, higher deductibles, etc.

    This is exactly the kind of deception that should be punished.

  • Yes, I think elected officials should be held resonsible for deception.

    I think if an elected official says one thing to get elected then turns around and does the exact opposite then the citizens who are represented by him or her should start a recall petition, I don't believe it's right for a politician to say anything to get elected and not follow through and people should be held responsible if they do so.

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