• Yes yes yes

    Election Day, without a doubt, needs to be a national holiday. With only about 1/2-1/3 of eligible voters voting it is clear that there is some kind of flaw within the system. Many Americans go home tired from their long days at work and don't feel the need to go vote, not to mention the hassle of scurrying from work to vote.

  • YES the should

    Because whos going to be more likely to vote? The democrats sitting on their butt collecting welfare and food stamps? Or hard working non involved in governmental give away republicans? Thaats right the ignorant democrats Republicans are honestly the reason that this country is awesome. Democrats are ruining it because theyre 'disabled'

  • Yes, Election Day should be a national holiday.

    I believe Election Day should be a national holiday just like Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Election day is a very important day for everybody. If this was a holiday and most people had the day off it would encourage people to go out and vote and make a difference in the election. A lot of people have to work that day and just don't bother to take the time to vote due to time constraints with their job.

  • Yes, establishing Election Day as a national holiday would enhance the political proecess

    I believe that making Election Day a national holiday would increase citizen involvement in the election. It would make it much easier for more people to get out and vote, as well as follow the election coverage to stay more informed. Many countries around the world already have their election days as national holidays, and I think it is time for the U.S. to do the same.

  • Sure, why not?

    with the poor poor amount of voters out there currently, I'm sure a day off might bring about more of a reason to vote. Why do most not today? busy, tired from a long day of work? Understandable, so I assume giving them time will cease the excuses. A democracy is a precious thing, without a people to voice there opinions. It kind of hard to run one.

  • No election day should not be a holiday

    Election Day should not be a holiday because if you got time that could cause a disaster. What would if hospitals had to shut down because everyone got the day off. Patients would be taken care of and they could die. What would happen if there was a fire and no one could take care of it because the fire fighters. Got the day off so they extinguish the fire , and people die. That is why I think election day should not be a holiday.

  • Debate is cool but election no!!!

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  • No it should it is a waste of time and energy and it is a waste of school time.

    Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence. If election day was a holiday it would waste time. To fill out a ballot it just takes a few minutes. I don't think that it would have to take a whole day to fill out a ballot. To fill out a ballot it should just be really quick.

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  • No it should not

    At the end of the day voting is a choice and if you really want to vote most jobs will let you leave and come back. I see it as something that isn't worth doing because a large part of our country is unable to vote because of either age or not being a citizen.

  • We don't need it

    Why does federal election day have to be a national holiday? I was assigned to research this for my debate class, and I have found that it is just plain stupid to have another holiday. Our economy is bad, and we only have 22 days in a month to work, so why take one more day off for just sitting around, voting, and then being unproductive for the rest of the day? Younger citizens of the U.S. go to school less than 49% of the year, and though you may think that one day wouldn't make a difference, but those days wasted can add up. And yes, I understand that maybe it will increase the voter percentage, but those people choose not to vote, not because there isn't enough publicity for it! It is just ridiculous to have federal election day as a national holiday

  • No Election Day Should Not Be a National Holiday

    With increased technology, there is no reason to make election day a holiday. People can vote from home and in advance of election day easily. It would be better to make a new holiday out of a day that celebrates an important figure from history. Voting usually takes less than 30 minutes and if people were off from work it might encourage them to make other plans rather than voting.

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Anonymous says2013-03-21T19:43:58.707
Yes. People would have more of an opportunity to express who they want as president.