Should elective abortions be covered by health insurance?

  • Yes, should be covered!

    Some abortions are medically necessary whether it be a tubal pregnancy or the child is at risk from dying soon after birth or the mother is at risk from dying when delivering the baby. I work in health care and health insurance companies pay for surgeries for people who have smoked and drank their life away. But insurance companies pay for the procedures even though they supposedly "did it to themselves" as I've heard people say. So why should I pay for someone elses mistakes of drinking all their life? Same concept. You cannot pick and choose what surgical procedures should and should not be covered.

  • Should be covered

    It is a medical procedure, just like any other surgery it should be covered. In some cases it could mean life or death for the mother, and if she cannot afford an abortion of an extremely dangerous pregnancy, then she is a casualty of the flawed system. As citizens we have a right to choose, but if abortion was not covered by healthcare and the costs were outrageous, do we really have the free right to choose. I dont think so.

  • Elective abortions should be covered by health insurance simply because it is is a medical cost, and health insurance should have coverage over all health related expenses.

    Health insurance is exactly what it sounds like, which is health insurance. It should cover its written portion on all medical related expenses, of which an elective abortion would be covered under, there is no room for morality in the room of a contract like one of health insurance, when it is a clear cut agreement.

  • Yes, it should.

    When it comes to abortion we do not always know the persons reason for wanting to get it. So many different factors could be at play, and making someone who is probably already down and feel so great feel even worse and feel rejected isn't fair or right. I only think health insurance should be taken away in this case if the person continues to make the same mistake and does not learn from it.

  • Should be covered.

    Yes, I think that elective abortions should be covered by health insurance. An abortion is a medical procedure and I believe that regardless of the circumstances, it should be covered by health insurance in whatever states that abortions are legal. This isn't to say that people shouldn't be safer and try to prevent unwanted pregnancies, however.

  • Abortion is a Women's Choice

    If someone needs a medical procedure, they are usually allowed at least some health insurance to help cover the cost. A woman who needs an abortion should also be allowed this right because not everyone who needs an abortion can afford it. One reason a person may need an abortion is the fact that they may not be able to provide for their child, and they should not be punished for making the decision of aborting.

  • Your moral views don’t matter when it comes to people receiving quality healthcare.

    Do you think a gay man shouldn’t receive treatment for aids? Should a person who only eats junk food be denied coverage for obesity related health issues? Should women who have sex before marriage not be able to get birth control?

    Your lifestyle shouldn’t affect the lifestyle of women who need a medical procedure.

    Bringing a life into this world when it’s not wanted causes more issues and expenses than needed. It robs a woman of her futures and even if it is her mistake, it’s not your right to correct her.

    You live in a democracy and that means you will pay taxes on things that you don’t always like. Mind your own business if you don’t like it.

    Women will always find ways to abort, the only reason insurance should cover the procedure is to keep women who are already alive safe from trying to perform the procedure illegally. The world before Roe Vs Wade was not a better place. Women in my family stuck with abusive husbands and had several children with men they couldn’t afford to escape due to societal expectations at the time. Thinking that you are helping anyone or an unborn baby is an absolutely outdated, middle income, white class delusion that doesn’t apply to the rest of the world.

  • Elective abortions MUST be covered by health insurance due to lack of educating all participants in the human race, as a whole.

    Greetings Debate.Org users,

    Are you aware that the issues in this world are because of hate and discrimination, for example racism and sexism; and that most people are terrorized by this on a daily basis? Individuals who've been terrorized and oppressed lose cognitive reasoning! If you haven't lost your ability of cognitive reasoning, this should concern you cause we have to share the planet together! Duh!

    Are you aware that all media, promotes young women to subject themselves? This is not healthy and benefits no one but people who want to use, abuse, and oppress a woman/young woman/girl/women/young women/girls.

    If you are human and support this manipulative system, you are more than responsible. (As a human on this earth, I have no issue with my tax money being used to make a young persons life easier through paying for their abortion, unlike most who'd rather donate their taxes to guns, a form of terminating life that the US country loves to utilize, what a waste). If a young woman makes the mistake of having condomless sex, or if the condom breaks, or if she is convinced by her sexual partner to have raw vaginal sex with them, it is all our responsibility BECAUSE we have yet to accurately EDUCATE our youth on sex, and sexuality. (And no, not from a religious view point, but a biological one! Why? Cause everyone with female genitalia needs to handle their biological issues on a daily basis (aka. Maintaining a healthy body and mind, as it is their right) as they are the vessels of newer, smarter, better generations; and the Bible has no such information).

    Are you educated on POST-ABORTION TRAUMA? Yeah, like I said, you are responsible for them, their family, and their dead child's pain. The young person (or old) who had to endure an abortion, for what ever reason, must live with the physical, emotional, mental (which includes political and social oppressive factors that plague their life everyday!)

    As a community of the human race, each human is very responsible for any abortion, for any reason.

  • No It is Immoral

    Do you believe life begins at conception? If not, do you believe me when I tell you that I believe life begins at conception? Do you respect me, and my right to believe what I want to believe?

    Life begins at conception. Therefore, abortion is the termination of a life. I do not want to participate in terminating lives, especially innocent ones.

    By paying into a health insurance pile of money, some of my money may be used to pay for abortions. Please stop.

  • It takes 2 to tango

    Unless she was raped or under medical emergency need for an abortion it should not be covered by insurance. She should support her financial and moral decision to kills her baby on her own. I am pro choice by the way..But I will not pay for your mistakes. Same on the similar subjects that affect tax dollars

  • Elective abortions should not be covered by insurance

    No, I do not think that elective abortions should be covered by insurance. I think that abortion is inherently wrong, and that insurance should not be covering procedures that are not necessary to sustain life. Abortions should be paid for out of pocket, and never covered under insurance for any reason.

  • Keep the government out of abortion.

    Let me begin by saying that I am pro-choice. I do not believe that abortion should be illegal. While I personally would not have an abortion, even in the case of rape or incest, I can empathize with woman who feel that they need to terminate their pregnancy. I believe it is their right to make that choice without government interference. Likewise the government should not interfere with the funding of abortions. If an adult woman makes that choice she should literally pay for the consequences. However, if she is receiving private health insurance through her employer or on her own, it should be up to the health insurance provider to decide if they will cover abortions or not.

  • Elective abortions should not be covered by health insurance.

    I think if it is doctor recommended then health insurance should cover it, but if a person makes a "mistake," and I use that word loosely, then the cost should come out of their own pocket. It was their choice not to use birth control, and they should have to pay for it.

  • Abortion is a Choice not a Health Issue

    The abortions the people are trying to fight for under healthcare do not follow healthcare guidelines. If a woman who is pregnant and is under the care of her OBGyn has to terminate her pregnancy under the medical and professional advise of her Dr is one thing. A woman who thinks she made a mistake and is having an elective choice abortion, is not the same thing. Pregnancy termination under medical care is already covered. Why should thousands of people have to pay extra for elective procedures that they disagree with as well as would have other procedures they would deem more desirable. Forcing others to pay for something that crosses moral barriers also should not be allowed. I understand the Catholic Church doesn't approve of birth control and is forced to pay for it. However, there are many other reasons more beneficial for the greater good for birth control then there is for an abortion. Lets also not forget how abortion negatively impacts women on a greater scale than those who have said its not a big deal. So not only do tax payers have to pay for an procedure that is not necessary, they will also be paying for the clients psychological and emotional care after. A large number of women suffer sever depression after their procedure as well as those who may need more medical attention after a botched abortion. Lets also not forget those who have either died from an abortion or have committed suicide from the devastation of such a violent procedure done to her body that is not normal. What about the care of the baby who survives the abortion, will there be coverage for him/her? Who pays. The argument for this specific reason is shallow, we didn't even think as a society why we couldn't just figure out how to create a support system, emotional, physical and so on for women who feel that this was the only option, when in fact there is always a better way. How about covering adoption under healthcare instead, preventative death? What about those who have good healthcare but can't have children and would love to have a baby? Is IVF covered? If not, why not?

  • Elective abortions should not be covered through health insurance.

    Because i feel like why? It was your choice not to be on birth control and i dont think the governmemt should be infrom into this cause this its not a big issuse if you dont want your baby then you could easly kikll it yourself im just saying .......

  • Should elective abortions be covered by health insurance?

    I say no because it can cost up to $$$100 million$$$. And all the money for abortions will go out of our taxes. And then the government might have to raze our taxes. Some people can not afford to pay the taxes. There is a lot of people who might be mad about they paying more taxes.

  • If elective abortion should be covered by insurance, then so should in vitro!

    A common argument is that a woman has the right to have or not to have children and that abortion is a medical procedure that may be needed to ensure that right. Well, I respect that but a woman who wants to have a child and has no partner then in vitro may be a medical procedure that she needs to ensure that right as well. It sounds silly to say that a woman who wants to have in vitro should be covered by insurance doesn't it? Well, to me it sounds silly that an abortion should be covered simply because a woman doesn't want a child.

  • No medical reason

    Elective abortions serve no medical reason to be supported. It is a personal choice and as such should not be covered by insurance. If there is a medical reason to get an abortion that is different, the main point is that you cannot present a legitimate medical argument as to why someone should get the abortion, they should have to pay for it.

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