Should electric cars be a priority in plans to fight global warming?

  • They are the priority in plans to fight global warming, but it is not the ultimate solution.

    Yes,I totally agree that the electric cars should be a priority in plans to fight global warming, but this is not the ultimate solution. There is no doubt that the air pollution and smokes emitting from the vehicles are really dangerous and harmful and contributing maximum to harmful gases and causing global warming. So,electric cars can be a priority in plans to fight global warming.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Electric cars have zero carbon emission rates.

    By using electric cars, we can fight against greenhouse emissions and therefore pollution will be reduced. It may be a way to fight against rising fuel prices. Electric cars achieve almost 95% energy conversion efficiency.

    Posted by: KI3JoIIy
  • Electric cars are the wave of the future.

    Eventually, the world will run out of easily obtainable fossil fuels. Since we can generate electricity using any available form of energy, electric cars provide us with a very flexible mean to power our future transportation needs. Since change is coming, why wait? We should start building the necessary infrastructure today.

    Posted by: 5h4Dev
  • I believe that the electric cars should be a priority in our fight against global warming. Electricity can be manufactured very cleanly and should be a priority to get us away from fossil fuels.

    Since we are not going to be weaned away from our automobiles, we need to be weaned away from the fossil fuels which are harming our environment. Since electricity can be produced from several "green" sources, solar, wind, and hydro, we should make electric cars a priority. Our fight against global warming can be much more effective if we take the huge use of fossil fuels away. This will benefit us in other ways as well, by lessening our reliance on foreign countries.

    Posted by: 5kyErto
  • It just has to be we have to have eletric cars

    We need eletric cars because our earth will suffer in the cause of global warming it's bacicaly telling you there's a global warning coming up!!!! Thank you for understanding have a fantastic day and please state your opinion on this website soon again thank you are you going to get a eletric car

  • Electric cars save human race

    Electric cars don't cost as much to maintain e.g. you don't have to pull apart everything just to replace something else. Plus, by buying an electric car, if you need to go to work everyday, seven days a week, each day you can just drive the car for the day and then you can just plug it in for to charge it, before dinner, then while you're asleep, you don't have to worry about waiting hours before driving the car again. So when you wake up in the morning, you have a fully charged electric car waiting to be used for the day.

  • Extinction of human race

    Electric cars do not need as much maintenance as other normal cars. Plus, if you want to let the human race go extinct, then continue with all your pollution and if you also want the future generation to never see the all the amazing natural wonders, then you'd better forget all about it because of all this pollution no one is going to get anywhere with the state of the earth right now.

  • Fuel will run out soon.

    Global warming this time began more then 250 years ago when we first discovered how to run factories and power them with coal-fired steam engines. At that time there were about 1 billion people on earth. Since then industrialisation, electricity generation and transport have been pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere so that there is more than there ever was before. Global Warming should be put to a stop, or it should be slowed down. Right now their are millions of cars on the road, and soon fuel will run out, so we HAVE to start selling or removing fuel cars because, of course, no one will want them when fuel runs out. So we NEED to get electric cars in to fight Global Warming!!!!

  • Yes they should

    Electric cars are great for the environment in many ways. Energy sufficient cars help water, wildlife, keep the air clean, and effect global warming, and even climate change. Especially with gas as high as $4 a gallon in some parts of the country i think having an energy car is a very wise choice to make.

  • For when oil and gas run out, the electric car is our savior.

    If all these people who use oil and gas what happens when oil and gas run out we either use horses or we use electric cars its simple electricity never runs out but oil and gas can imagine being able to charge your car at night and use it all day and who knows with our current technology we have from Microsoft and Apple we could possibly never have to give our cars power again.

  • Cost to much money for government

    It is not totally ideal to do that because the power for charging stations are going to cost to much for the government. Why because it cost a lot of money for the workers that produce that energy and also for immanence. Along with that there is lot more things to do to save the earth from global warming.

  • Electric cars are bad

    Electric cars pollute more than gas cars because they go through more making them and there will also need more power plants because of all of the electric everyone will be using. Another thing is the fossil fuel everyone will be using. There will be a lot more fires, because of the electric and if the fires spread then animals are dieing

  • No it won't

    Let's be honest Americans would be demanding more electric cars if they wanted them right? And people also want to save the environment right(i don't believe in global warming anyways but its not the point)? The fact of the matter is that Americans don't want a car that has a range of at MAX 60-100 miles (yes i realize Tesla makes cars that have a longer range but I'm being general here). They are nowhere near as efficient for travelling compared to their gas powered counterparts. Now having said that, I'm all for electric cars because they have their place in the world and a lot of them look very cool in my opinion at least. But the technology isn't there at the moment for electric cars to compete with combustion engine cars. Not only can the engine cars get you from A to B faster, they have a much larger range. Americans want to drive for as long as they want and can. Why limit that freedom with electric cars. Plus with all of the electricity your electric car uses while its charging, your energy bills could potentially skyrocket. Let me tell you it takes a crap ton of electricity to run a full sized electric car. Are they useful. Yes, but only for traveling in city environments and even then you can just walk or ride your bike or take a taxi in the city because where are you gonna keep your car in the city? Just the other day i couldn't find a parking space in NYC because it was so overcrowded. Electric cars have their place in the world but they should be introduced when they can compete with gasoline powered cars in terms of range. Also they should be cost effective. (Tesla doesn't make a profit. They are subsidized by the government and the Chevy Volt costs $89,000 to produce). That way companies won't go bankrupt ie. Fisker for producing an electric car that isn't profitable. It's a shame too because i LOVED the Fisker Karma. If the public demands an electric car then auto makers would have been making more. But they're not because people don't care for them. They don't need one. They have a car already. They use the cars they have until it dies or gets totaled.

  • Helpful, but not the top priority.

    You need to generate clean energy and mass transit is more likely to reduce greenhouse gases and use of oil. You need to build new mass transportation systems like: high speed rail to replace planes, subways, light rail, buses to replace cars. Electric cars are not irrelevant, just less important.

  • As an automotive employee I feel that electric cars are not enough to fight global warming.

    Electric cars do not help enough in the fight against global warming. The reason why is because you have to plug them into an outlet to charge and that outlet is burning fossil fuels and coal at power plants and in hand is being even more wasteful. People need to open their eyes to this situation more closely. Not to mention the cost associated to fix electric cars. That's a another topic.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • While electric cars are a good start, there are other ways to go about fighting global warming.

    Carbon neutrality should be at the forefront of the struggle against global warming. We also need to refine alternative energy solutions. Power can be drawn from the tides, wind, or from the Sun. Fossil fuels should be phased out as soon as possible as they only add to the positive feedback loop of global warming.

    Posted by: AboriginalKing28
  • No, electric cars should not be a priority in plans to combat global warming, because electric cars are very limited in their ability, and are a technological dead end.

    Imagine that there is an emergency, and you call 911. The police and emergency services take more than half an hour to get there, simply because their vehicles are so underpowered. Now, imagine a wider catastrophe, where all power is cut. New and better energy sources need to be considered before turning to plugging your vehicle into a power outlet.

    Posted by: R4yAnych
  • First of all, I don't believe in global warming - but if I did, I don't think electric cars should be a priority in fighting it.

    There are many other things we could do if we had to fight global warming, and among them are reducing emissions from factories and destruction of the rain forest and other forests.

    Posted by: Bratzky
  • I disagree because the grid can not handle the demand of electric cars.

    The answer is no. I am an electrician which trumps the opinion of any tree hugger expert out there. The grid can not handle it. An electric car requires either a 60 Amp or 80 Branch circuit. The average home in America has between a 60 A to 150 A service. These services could not handle such a large circuit being added with out a service upgrade. Now the rub, when you upgrade your service you contact your local power company and they study the grid you are on. Nine times out of ten the transformer in that area needs to be upgraded along with the leads coming to your service. This costs the home owner on average between $10,000 to $25,000. This does not even address the issue of where does the power supplier get the additional power to send to the electric car owner or who generates it.

    Posted by: EIvMd0gg
  • Electric cars are not the answer that we need to global warming.

    Electric cars have been a pipe dream since they were first produced in 1911. In all that time, they have not caught on as a viable product that people want to buy. Besides their failure to sell, electric cars require the same use of energy to create them. The savings in oil and emissions to run them does not offset the need to use oil in their production.

    Posted by: Myh3r0HiIar

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