• Ye, iPads should be allowed in school.

    I like an iPad mini because you can take notes easier and faster. You also can play games when the teacher allows it. Teachers can read your handwriting better, and you can put it in your backpack because its only 1.44 pounds. You also can send a text to a person who is sick.

  • Electronics are great for learning.

    No one wants to get to their math or history class and have to pull out a note pad and a pen or pencil and have to write page after page of notes. Your hand cramps, pens run out of ink, and pencils break. All of this can be solved by using the skills the school system has been teaching us since middle school. They teach us typing skills, so why not get some laptops to lend out to students like a text book and let us have some fun taking notes, not to mention make it forty times easier. Computers are a great resource we need to exploit more.

  • Yes because kids need a break.

    You can't just make kids do nothing but work all day. They should only be able to use electronics at lunch, for relaxation! Studies show kids work better if their brain is relaxed, so why can't the school administration set up controlled rules for kids to be able to relax at lunch!

  • Yes, Electronics Should Be Allowed In School

    The world is changing into a more technologically inclined atmosphere. Therefore, electronic devices are everywhere. Schools will need to evolve along with the rapidly changing world, so they will need to incorporate laptops (most already have), tablets, and cellular devices into the curriculum. Also, schools need to incorporate electronic devices in schools at the earliest grades possible. Our children need to be given a digital advantage to compete in the global society.

  • We need to go green

    Thanks to books we are cutting down our trees for paper when we can download them we are exploiting nature in the worst ways possible and when the last tree dies the last man dies so in order to keep the human race going we need to cut out books for a better world

  • Depends on the school

    I go to a very old school. Last year, though, they bought electronic white-boards, that we barely use. I agree with the fact that the world is slowly turning into a sci-fi movie, and if schools are already buying huge amounts of electronics, why don't they replace those back cracking books with light e-books. My back hurts, and leaving my books and notebooks in my locker is not an option: it's easier to forget my homework assignments that way!!!

  • We live in a world of technology

    We live in a world of technology. Is it not only normal for students to learn with these new advancements? They are often beneficial to learning and will also help students to understand how to use electronics later in life when they encounter them in universities or the workplace etc... We do not live in a world of parchment and quill anymore.

  • I do think they should be a loud

    I think they should because children all ready use the gadgets at home. So they know what they are doing. I also think each school should have their own app for children to do work at home and school so teachers can check up on the student when ever they want

  • Yes electronics should be used in schools (classrooms)

    Kids should be able to use electronics in school. Have you ever carried around a backpack full of a 10-20 pound books for each one of your classes? It sucks and its unnecessary, because you can use a 5 pound tablet to carry all of your notes, assignments, and you can actually access the textbooks that you have to carry around online. I have yet to not be in a class where a teacher doesn't know something so they tell their students to look it up on their phone. We should use electronics to our advantage.

  • From the perspective of the "modern world" and changing times, I strongly believe they should be allowed.

    The world around us is changing. We are using lessons and materials dating back to the 1990's! It's only logical to say that we need to "get with the times," so to speak. I have a theory that with the regulated use of electronic devices, and school-sponsored/developed software (modern software) will come a much brighter learning environment. It will be fun for the students as well. You might allow a student doing an exemplary job with schoolwork and such things to have limited access to apps they use for fun and leisure. With time, it will be an excellent motivator and learning tool.
    Another thing, I've noticed more and more complaints concerning the weight of papers and textbooks. Replacing all of that with a tablet or other device can amount to much more efficiency in school. Yeokum Middle School in Belton, Missouri has adopted the use of iPads in the classroom and for assignments. I've seen improvement in my nephew's grades and can say that it is also a lesson in responsibility for the students.

  • No because kids could get distracted from their books and look at the electronic device.

    People get distracted by their electronic devices, they have trouble reading, and their teacher has to tell them to read their book not the electronic device, and they always have to stay away from the person that has the electronic device. And you don't get the most reading time that you would like.

  • Yes yes yes.

    Technology is the future and electronics keep the student engaged. Also, it lightens the back. Not to mention that if a student forgot his/her essay at home you can pull it up on a device. If we don't put technology in the schools now our students will be left behind. Yes technology is a distraction but so is looking in a dictionary when you're supposed to be looking up the definition for hypothesis and you're looking up breasts. Everything is distraction. You just have to let the students get used to it.

  • Electronics should not be allowed in school.

    There are many reasons that electronics should not be allowed in school. For one, cell phones and other electronic devices can be a distraction to the student and also the students around them. Electronic devices just take away from learning. Another reason is, not every student has enough money to be able to pay for an electronic device and then they will be left out. Finally, one more big reason is cheating. Students have the access to just look up the answers and never actually learn a thing. There are many other reasons as well.

  • Waste of time!

    All the electronics are a distraction to the kids. The teachers are there to teach the students what they need to be taught for future reasons. With electronics the teachers will teach, but no one would be listening. Students would have lower attention spans in school, and more on their electronics in their hands.

  • No they should not!

    Students can take unwanted photos/videos and embarrass each other. They can also break, or get stolen! People could also get jealous and text during class! It's also very disruptive and accidents can happen. Would you let your kid go to school, then come home and say "Mom, I broke my phone"?

  • Electronics should be.

    Electronics should be allowed in school because technology engages the students. Electronic devices engage students and provide them with a learning tool that they actually enjoy using. Giving students an option of using electronic devices will make them want to learn and actually come to class reading and prepared to learn. Apps are a new way to learn, and if we have this advanced technology, shouldn't we use it to our advantage?

  • Unfair to people who don't have electronics.

    While students are typing their notes, the ones who don't have electronics have to use regular notebook paper. The other students have to suffer carrying their heavy books, while the ones with their ebooks, tablets, and cellphones don't. It's not fair to the people who don't have electronics. Besides, electronic devices cost too much money and the schools can't afford to buy one for every student.

  • Keep it out

    There are few students who wouldn't abuse electronics in school - especially if we're talking Elementary and High School. I think that the distractions do not help, especially in light of bullying and overall poor attention spans in school. That's not to say that I don't think the school itself shouldn't have good equipment to teach students, but students really shouldn't be allowed 3 & 4G technology in school. That should be a parental right after school and something to look forward to maintaining in college if they prefer. Teach responsibility (and there'd be less chance of high tech theft in school).

  • No electronics in school.

    Electronics should not be allowed in school. I agree with the no sides paragraph. You can cheat during a test. Also it is a death trap. During school a bad guy might come in the building and your electronic goes off they might find you and kill you. That is what I think.

  • Electronics should be allowed in school.

    Ye, iPads should be allowed in school. I like an iPad mini because you can take notes easier and faster. You also can play games when the teacher allows it. Teachers can read your handwriting better, and you can put it in your backpack because its only 1.44 pounds. You also can send a text to a person who is sick.

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Anonymous says2013-03-27T13:18:42.253
I think the people who say we should have electronics in class should be a loud bc it helps to look up things
Anonymous says2013-04-11T19:02:34.637
I think electronics should be allowed in school because kids need breaks from all of the teachers and all of the work that they do
Anonymous says2013-04-25T17:42:25.720
We should have it
Anonymous says2013-08-08T05:14:53.883
Electronics should be allowed in schools. Why? Because the students usually have the most up-to-date devices and schools cannot afford to buy new laptops tablets and iPods every year. Some schools don't care as much if you have something such as an iPod,mp3 player, laptop, or iPad, but cell phones are strictly banned or not allowed to leave the lockers during the day. This is due to strict laws the school needs to follow regarding internet and phone usage as well as texting. Smartphones have Internet access over 3G and 4g as well as phone and text where as iPod touch and wifi iPad do not have mobile network. Why is this a problem? Because the schools usually have wifi passwords, firewalls, and site blockers. I've also heard from teachers that students could call, text, email, or social network message government officials and the school could lose Internet access.
DontDilltDally says2014-03-31T20:36:09.917
I think that fagg0ts should say no
RinKat626 says2016-08-09T15:46:17.843
I apologize but I disagree with the "students needing a break from school". That's what home is for. Whatever goes on at home is not what I'm touching on. I'm touching on the fact that they are at school for, what 8 hours? It's not like they are there for 24 hours. They also get breaks between classes and lunch. So, that I find is enough time. They are fine. They are big kids, high schoolers even some are adults. Don't baby them. They need to learn to manage their own time themselves, not waste it in a classroom where they need to be paying attention. Also, please try to be mature about this. It's called Debate.Org. Not whine and argue.Org.