Should electronics be banned from kids under the age of 5?

  • Yes its outrageous

    Kids get dumber every time. It is crazy my son is on his tablet my mom got him twenty four seven. They are not even games that would help him learn. Even when I take it away he sneaks it back I just caught him last night. I think its too addicting.

  • Kids should not

    I think kids under 10 should not have iPhones because they should most likey damage it and sometimes real damage it badly.If you let them use it for a few minutes it fine I guess.Most of my friends that are younger them them does'nt have iPhones at all but when you starting to go to 6th grade you should get a phone

  • Not Completely-- but to an Extent, Yes

    Not basic things like TV and educational computer games, but things like iPhones, gaming systems. It's important in this century to be tech savvy, but before 5 is definitely a really important time for your kids to learn about nature, make friends-- not to have them addicted to a screen.

  • Electronics should not be banned from kids under the age of 5

    Electronics should not be banned from kids under the age of 5, this should not be something that is governed or legislated. The raising of children should be left to the families having children and policies like this would be invasive and difficult to enforce. Something like this shouldn't even be on the radar of legislation, the government spends too much time micromanaging as it is.

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