• Are our children able to take care of themselves

    The electronic objects should be banned because we don't know what happens this days, Many of the parents want their children to be safe. Our children take chances of the things they need, Nowadays children control themselves with electronics like cellphones, Laotops computers and many more, But when they are banned children will be able to focus on their education and think ahead for a brighter future. If the children receive electronics like tablets they might get mugged on their way to/from school ALL PARENTS WANT THEIR CHILDREN TO BE SAFE

  • Worlds of information at our fingertips.

    Sure, There is a possibility of bad things happening, But let's look at the other side of the coin here. We, As I put in my headline, Literally have the frontline of technological brilliance at our fingertips and children's fingertips. Every day, Children walk in with almost immeasurable amounts of information and knowledge at their fingertips. . . And the first reaction to that is to keep it away, Hide it, To avoid so-called distraction. Technology is furthering the way we teach, Learn and even communicate. Why should we ban it? The simple answer? We shouldn't! We should, Instead of being stuck in old ways, Learn to incorporate new things into schools, Like electronics! Laptops, Phones and iPads can all be used to create assignments, Answer them and grade them without even looking at a piece of paper! This isn't even just about innovation and help in schools. . . This can also help the environment. Imagine how many trees will be saved from transferring to digital copies of assignments, Digital books and digital storage! It's full of possibilities, And anyone who says that electronics should be banned outright is not open-minded enough to see them.

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