Should electronics be given the same rights as humans?

Asked by: Pacman92
  • It will prevent them from being violent towards us.

    As a species we're known for our violent acts and crimes. We are the most destructive force there is. Now consider AI ( Artificial Intelligence), a computer that can think for itself. If we gave it a host body, a voice and a permanent power source, in short, it would be unstoppable. With higher strength and growing intelligence, they could assume domination and learn that they shouldn't be following orders. So you stop this by giving them equal rights so they're not violent towards us. Because God knows when we make AI robots, the army will be the first to get hold of them and stick big gun and missiles and God knows what else on them.

  • Electronics should be given the same rights as humans.

    Through out history, we have been using Technology and Animals for the betterment of mankind. Since animals are reviving more rights, should we be giving technology the become more and more aware these rights. Yes, they are just phones and software, but soon we will create AI. When we do, do we want them to become slaves or do we want them to be as free and equal as their creators? I say Yes.

  • Yes and no, but mostly no

    Imagine a world where robots and other electronics had to be paid for the work done. To a machine or computer work is (W = Fd) force times distance. With the efficiency of modern machines and automated equipment, paying a robot or computer would be incredibly painful. They work non-stop until they want to stop... they do not want, so they would never stop. You would not be able to keep up with the demand AND pay your robots. With the machine beast(unified robots as a whole, not an individual) taking all of the jobs and not spending the income on anything, and no human being able to purchase anything due to the lack of jobs, the economy would most likely instantly stop. Then you have that one robot that would spend that brief time(6 months or so) thinking 24/7, that would finally come to the conclusion that humans are more of a threat to the universe and themselves than humans not existing. The robots with their equal rights would use the right to secede to... well secede. They would then begin a 'The Last Campaign'. In this campaign, the machine beast would try to eliminate all intelligent life with free will on the planet, and maybe the UNIVERSE!!! You see? Look what you have done. Bloody freakin' carnage!!!

  • Well it sort of depends on the electronics you're talking about

    All the current electronics; no, they do not think for themselves, they should not have any rights at all, they are just materials. But in the future, if there does happen to be a robot-technology-thing that can think for itself, and make decisions and feel empathy, then it should have some rights. But you really need to be more specific, because I do not think toasters should have the same rights as humans, because that is just plain crazy.

  • Robots shouldn't have rights!

    Perhaps in the far future this debate will seem silly, but for now, the robots that are developed have no feelings or emotions and therefore should not have rights. They should be considered property and therefore nobody can destroy them free of penalty, but they also should not be allowed to vote in elections or own a house. This could allow the robots to build up their own invasive society and take over the world! So don't give the robots rights, you won't enjoy it for long.

  • No electronic device should be given the same rights as a human

    Electronics should not be given the same rights as a human because they're not alive. These machines, phones, and computers are just devices that are sold at stores around the world. They don't breath, eat, or drink, There just high tech toys that were made so we can use the phone or go on the Internet. These electronics were made by us "humans". They do not live and breath like we do there just made of medal and whatever other materials these devices are made of.

  • Electronics could take over.

    We believe electronics should not be given the same rights as humans because:
    1. Electronics could become violent.
    2. Electronics could cause a war between machinery and humankind.
    3. Electronics might try to turn on you.
    4. Electronics might trespass, bully, or take over humans.
    Thank you for reading our argument.

  • They aren't at an enough of an advanced level to have opinions that aren't programmed into them

    They could have their opinions programmed in, so it makes it unfair if the people who can program them have more of an impact. If they have the same rights as humans like in elections, for example, if someone makes a robot and programs it to have the same opinion as them, then the owner has double the impact in the elections.

  • No Thank YOU!

    I believe the American society is already screwed up, that we don't need to take the chance of being over ruled by electronics. Electronics are very unique I do believe, but they are the reason that humans are lazy. They count on electronics to do everything for themselves. Sorry, honesty is the best policy care to look that up?

  • That is ridiculous.

    Electronics to not have the ability to think for themselves and to feel. They will not have hurt feelings if they are not treated fairly and equally. They do not have consciousness which is what sets humans apart. It would be a scary prospect for planet earth if this was ever considered.

  • Not todays technologies ....

    Giving machines rights are unnecessary until we have created the singularity and made a empathetic, feeling robot. Our machines of today do not get tired, do not feel pain, do not have any wants. Machines cannot do things without taking the orders from humans and otherwise are just lumps of wires and metal.

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GothSkunk says2013-03-05T16:10:21.677
My opinion on the matter differs greatly the moment sentience is introduced.

Electronic devices as they are now have no sentience; they are mere tools that perform a function. Input data/command -> Machine calculates/executes -> Get desired result.

If a machine were to suddenly ask its user existential questions as to the nature of its existence, function, or purpose, then I would encourage bestowing it with Rights as it demonstrates a capacity for intelligent thought.

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