• Electronics should be allowed in school

    There are of information that the computer may have that aren't in textbooks or the teachers do not know. If electronics are allowed in schools then if a student comes across a word that they do not know, they can take out their electronic and search up the word. This will be easier than looking through the hundreds of pages in the dictionary. Cumputers and phones are both important to both students and teachers.

  • If your students aren't getting good grades then i would suggest using electronics.

    Students may have lack of focus in class because what they are being tought is tought in a boring way. However with electronics it is different. A lot of kids have electronic devices like iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc. there for they know what they are doing. Also a lot of kids who have iPhones like using them and using them for work wouldn't only be easier for them but more fun. Which means more focus and better grades.

  • It's How Education Will Evolve for the Next Generation!

    Devices like Chromebooks and IPads can be used in the classrooom to expand the degree of effectiveness for teachers to reach out to their students and explain their curricula. Not to mention computer labs are integral for technology education, from simple typing classes to computer science and software programming curricula.

    Now, should they be looking up cat videos or porn during class? No.... But there is technology that can be implemented to limit what the student uses if it's a school owned electronic device. This will narrow what the student can look at, which helps prompt them to use the educational software as prescribed by the teacher.

    Schools all around the country are using such electronics to reach out the Generation Z, and it's been very useful for both the teacher and the students.

  • No, it's shouldn't be allow in school

    As my opposition said it can be used to expand the degree of effectiveness for teacher to reach out their student . But there is disadvantage if this things allowed in school . Some student won't focus in class because some of them will do something else instead of doing work that teacher gave them.
    Ya they will be plenty of them that will watch porn or something else in class although there is a technology to implemented to limit the uses in school but there also a technology to disable implemented the limit student uses in school.
    So i strictly disagree electronics shouldn't be allowed at school

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