• Junk food is not healthy and excessive is good.

    If kids keep eating junk food then they will get fat. They will keep eating junk food and spend all of their money on junk food. They will end up living alone because no one wants to live with a fat, lazy, money-spending junk food eater for the rest of their lives. Even though it sounds really mean, it is most likely true.

  • Junkfood should be banned from school canteens.

    If young kids eat too many fattish/sugary foods, they could fall ill and possible get diabeties... And other health conditions such as ADHD and cancer are caused by non-healthy foods, so junk foods should be banned from school canteens, or adults of the future could lessen/fall ill or become obese.

  • School Junk Food + Home Junk Food = Obese Kids

    Junk food should be banned from elementary and middle schools because some kids are going to end up being 400 pounds or something when they are only 13 years old. Another reason is because some kids don't exercise as much as others so they will not lose any weight sitting on their butts eating junk food. The final reason is because eating a lot of junk food like chicken nuggets, McDonalds, cookies, cake, and other junk food kids can risk getting heart disease or diabetes.

  • No matter

    Children believe they have the right and that will almost always be what keeps it in school. My opinion though is that its not about civil rights, its what is best. They can eat crap for all I care, but only whenever they are not at school. On those grounds, a healthy diet has proven to increase our learning capability than with this junk. Those that wish to keep junk food are often those that don`t care about school policy or the system. I`d stake a bet on it, if it`d prove the sincerity.

  • Junk food + lack of exercise = obese kids

    It is overwhelming the amount of junk food there is out there, even if you try to avoid it. It is embedded in premade/pre packaged food laden with massive amounts of fat, sugar and sodium that makes them addictive. Add to the problem inactivity due to limitless access to video games, computers, TVs, etc. we end up with an increasing number of obese children. It takes a village to raise a child; therefore, along with parents, schools should adhere to a NO-JUNK FOOD policy.

  • bunk the junk

    the children are to be 3 times more obese than they were 20years ago...
    moreover fat food make them lazy and they tend to pay less attention in class
    junk food may be tasty but it doenot lead you to any good thing
    we should note that we should never follow our tongue otherwise our heart beat will not follow us

  • are you blind

    it is scientifically proven that most all junks food drains you energy. it can also lead to illnesses like heart failure and diabetes.most of the times people end up fat is because the eat junk food and the parents dont realize or the don't they dont care they are two lazy to do anything about it.

  • Duh!

    Junk foods have such unhealthy effects! Yes the parents should be monitoring this, but even if they are, another parent might not be and their child could give other children their junk food. I think kids will then learn that junk food is bad and there wont be as many obese children or children with health problems.


    I think elementary and middle schools should ban junk food from classrooms because they can't think and do their work at the same time for one. Also I think that the kids will get to hyper during class and fool around and then get in big trouble and not get their work complete

  • yes

    Because it can cause obesity, diabetis, kids can't consentrate in school. Also that if people keep eating so many junk food it can probemly double up. about 200 million men and 300 million women are overwieght or have diabetis.also that many of our teachers in schools are getting overwieght.

  • Kids need junk food

    Because its only reason kids come to school
    and no junk food no work
    and it makes them hipper and happy
    and the schools meal taste baaad like roten eggs
    no junk food no work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I only eat the snack not the food ]: 3: }::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [[[ j n b

  • Banning junk food is bad

    Banning food is bad! Because the kids need it and love to have it.! They need the energy, and it helps to keep them up and awake during class. No body like healthy food. They are kids every kid loves and enjoys to have treats and it makes them feel special

  • oh no!

    Although junk food is not particularly healthy, I don't think it should be banned from classrooms, because it should be the parents' responsibility to monitor this.

    The refined sugars present in junk food make it a less healthy option than vegetables, fruit, or natural foods. However, the effects of junk food are minimal to a person's health, if eaten in moderation. I think it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their child's health. Encouraging children to eat responsibly is better than leading them to believe junk food should be banned.

    Posted by: cat
  • Banning junk food would prevent students' freedom to eat whatever they want.

    I don't really eat "junk food" or bring anything to school to eat, but you shouldn't ban the students' freedom of eating whatever they want. Sure, it's bad for them, but kids should be able to eat whatever. It's not the kids' fault, it's their parents' fault. The parents should be careful of what they give to their child. "Junk food" should not be banned from school, but I'd encourage eating something a little healthier.

  • No, because policing food consumption is not what teachers are paid to do.

    So in addition to trying to educate kids, our teachers have also been expected to save their lives in the event of violence or natural disasters. Junk food does not fit into either of these scenarios. With the continuing Nanny State agenda of the Democratic Party in this country, we are slowly being absolved of our personal responsibilities, in addition to our rights. It is the parents' job to provide these kids with the foods that they eat. It is the parents' job to teach their children about good nutrition. It is the parents' job to monitor their kids' choices in food. At the middle school level, students are old enough to share responsibility for their food choices.

    Posted by: EweIICist
  • The ban will destroy profits made from school vending machines

    Vending machines are the main source of extra revenue other than fundraisers. If the ban goes through, schools will have a harder time paying for utilities like repairs. Schools will also have less extra money to spend on improvements to the schools, making it so the students will work in a worse environment for learning. Usually, a worse learning environment will take a big hit on the education.

  • No, schools should not ban junk food.

    Freedom of speech, or in this case freedom of eat! We should, as children, be able to choose what we want to eat, or at least our parents should be able to tell us what to eat. Not the school board. A ban will not teach children to learn how to make healthy choices. Instead of banning the "junk food", teachers and adults should teach children how to make healthy eating choices, and eventually make them into habits. This is one step closer into teaching our children how to make good choices, and maybe turn our soicety into a more healthy place.
    ~Kelsey, Wisconsin 16.

  • Junk food isn't only in schools

    Obesity is a major problem in the US, this is obvious, but banning junk food from schools won't change anything. If kids can't get their soda and dorritos at school, they'll go to the 7/11 down the street to buy whatever they want. If they have vending machines at school, at least the school can control what they eat. Plus, the vending machines help the school out financially. If vending machines and junk food is banned, then the problem of obesity will be moved to a convenient store.

  • Not what teachers get paid for.

    Banning junk food is not the teacher's job! It's up to the parents. My parents have always banned me from eating junk food, so I am slimmer than my other peers. My parents made that choice, not the teachers. I have seen staff try to persuade the kids, but I think it is more effective if the parent makes the decision.

  • Of course not.

    The effects of junk food on a person's body is minimal unless eaten on a regular basis. Well, why are the parents giving their kids money to eat junk food? The students and parents need to be wise and know when they have had enough. The money made from the vending machines can go into more equipment for the school.

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Anonymous says2013-03-05T23:55:23.630
people shouldn't eat junk food in schools
Anonymous says2013-03-25T21:21:04.913
No it should not be banned from schools
Anonymous says2013-04-10T13:48:06.387
I think junk food should not be banned from scholl because what about the holiday Halloween because all you get is candy and if you just get healthy food like fruit and veggies then there prbably wont be anymore Halloween

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