Should elementary, middle & high school bullies be expelled forever?

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  • I support this because children dont fight like children any more they fight to kill and words are just as damaging.

    There needs to be a correction school for bullies not one that would distroy there future but one that will let them know that is not the right way to travel in life.That way they can get a education and learn to respect them self and others around them.First they have to respect them self and see that there are other ways to handle a problem

  • Kids love Cooking!

    Cooking is so much fun and educational for kids, and can teach them about fractions and measurement. It can also help them learn to be careful, and cooking really prepares kids for later in life. If your a superintendent and/or principle, you should consider having a cooking class in your school(s).

  • Victimizing others isn't tolerable

    Schools exist to provide a place for learning. When bullies victimize others, the perception, and reality, of safety is removed. The victim suffers emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Victims' grades suffer, they are at increased risk for self-harm, and increased risk for depression. Removing the bully from the school community not only increases safety for the victim(s) but sends a clear message to other bullies, or would-be bullies that such behavior is not tolerated.

  • Suspend the Bullies

    Bullies should be expelled because they get in the way of other students learning. Without bullies in schools, the students would be able to focus and learn without being worried what will happen in the bathroom or at lunch. Students need to feel safe in order to learn without worrying about bullies.

  • No they don't know what they do.

    They ruin lives. Too much emphasis is on fixing the bully or trying mediation with the bully and the victim...Treating the incident as a conflict and not what it really is: an aggressor and a victim. We need to stop this, it's not working. Bullies need to be removed PERMANENTLY. Let their parents deal with them, or not. A lot of these kids are sociopaths or have antisocial personality disorder and trying to teach them to feel empathy is a waste of time. These anti-bullying programs that have popped up everywhere since the death of Phoebe Prince are only 8% marginally effective. That means 92% are failing!!! We have to take this matter more seriously.

    No because everyone deserves a second chance even bullies. Bullies should go to rehab and family counseling to find out what is the problem is. And if they do find a solution and it stops but if it keeps going there is something wrong with the bully and need to get expelled. Bully's are people to and don't need to get expelled every time they do something wrong.


  • I do think they should be expelled

    I have been bullied lots of times and I don't want other people to go through what I have schools will feel more safer for kids. If bullies are expelled, absenses will go down because kids will actually want to come to school and the suicide rate will plumet too

  • I think so

    I was painfully bullied once, and the bully got expelled. Luckily, it was only 2 terms into 7th grade so I had a chance to enjoy school and learn with my friends. I haven't had any issues since then. But, the bully was only expelled because it was turning to violence and she broke an 8th graders jaw. I cannot explain the immense relief, knowing I could go to school everyday being so happy.

  • There are consequences for our actions!

    The only way you learn is from your mistakes and I think bullies would learn if they were removed from the school. Once they are removed it should be required that they go to a therapy class to find out why they exercise that type of behavior. Having them switch schools is a lot better than someone having to bury their child. Save our children before it's too late.

  • Safety and security should be first priority

    Children need to feel safe in order to learn. This is not possible if they are n constant fear. Its mot fair to ask the victim to sacrifice in favor of helping the bully. Bullies have more rights than victims. We need to keep our schools a safe haven where children can thrive.

  • Yes they should

    Bullies should have stronger consequences. A bully is someone who intentionally hurts another verbally, mentally, or physically. Bullying is repeated negative behavior toward a less powerful person or persons. Bullying tends to take place at school or in a “hangout” area. Children and teenagers are typically bullied more often than adults. It’s been known that bullies can also destruct personal belonging of a victim (OSPI). Teachers, guardians, supervisors, and school systems should have a more effective stand against bullying.

  • Teaching them a lesson.

    Taking a bully out of school is not an option. Even if they are out of control, the proper thing to do is to punish them. Lack of education is a horrible punishment and it makes things worse then better. If anything, no matter the age, a bully (and everybody else) should be educated in this subject on how it effects lives, given guidance on how to treat others, and be not only punished in school, but punished at home as well. I also think some punishments for bullies would be to sit with the teacher/assistant in the classroom alone, only to eat lunch and then do some homework while kids go play or hand out.

  • That's too Harsh

    We must understand that these are children. They are growing up, they are exposed to all kinds of things. A bully should be suspended, made to see a counselor, and questioned about any child abuse or any problems at home. In some cases expulsion to an alternative school might be warranted but it shouldn't be "forever". Changes in behavior should be considered.

  • Bullies Should Not Be Expelled

    They should not be expelled because they all deserve a second chance because there could be something going on at home or in the family and the can't help what goes on in the family or at home and they could just act the way his family is acting at home.

  • Bullies should be expelled

    Bullies make life miserable for innocent children they harm them physically and threaten them to do things against their will, for example , smoking. As a result , victims of bullying live in fear and this could affect their mental health as well as education very badly. Therefore , exclusion will make school a pleasant place for other children who can study peacefully.

  • Im a bully

    So i disagree lol bye now !!! I dont know what else to say other than bullies are awsome just kidding but yea i wish i could punch some bullies cause im a queen okay well i only need 14 more words haha im bully though but a sexy one

  • Elementary, middle & high school bullies should not be expelled forever.

    Elementary, middle & high school bullies should not be expelled forever. When a child is young and they bully other children, that probably means that they have a problem at home or some thing of that nature and they need to work it out. They will soon grow out of that stage, and if they were expelled forever, they would not become a productive member of society.

  • All The child needs Is attention

    Perhaps, on these occasions Children feel the need to express themselves. Yes, It is wrong to harm a fellow human Being, But the state and condition of life the child is in should be taken into View. Affection could Be rare In the Childs life. All The child needs Is attention

  • They can deal with it

    Bullying is a very hard thing to deal with but what are you gonna do when your boss does it? Or your kids? You cant just take everything people say to heart, just stand up brush it off and stick up for yourself. Don't let em walk on you and stay golden

  • Don't expel them

    Because it will destroy the education and seek out the person who snitched on him or her. It wouldn't be wise because the will just wait until the school finishes to beat the victim up and get away with it because they don't go to school so that means the school can't do anything

  • No it would not be a good choice.

    As much as I would love this, this would be the wrong choice of action and would only be treating the symptom instead of the cause. For bullies the cause is lack of adequate parents. Although they think their actions are just they should be educated to empathy and shown love, because that is what they need the most.

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