Should elementary school students get homework on Halloween just as middle and high school students do?

Asked by: ashinsky17
  • Yes, they should get homework.

    Elementary students I usually don't see them out trick or treating, it's usually 10-12 years old I give candy out too. They should also be prepared to have to do homework in Middle and High school, and it's also a waste of money on costumes that you won't even use next year. And most of the time, costumes just disappear. Candy can even get melted, or wasted, which is a waste of other peoples money, because candy can also vanish randomly just like costumes, and pets could even find and eat them, which could make them sick.

  • Yes they should.

    Elementary school students should get homework on Halloween just like the middle and high school students do. There is no reason to hinder their education just because of a holiday. It is stupid little rules like this that is making the United States one of the worst places to get an education.

  • Yes, it should be no different.

    Yes, elementary students should get homework on Halloween, just as middle and high school students do, because it is a day no different than any other. To make an exception for Halloween is to give certain people a preference, based on their religion. Schools still give homework on Good Friday and Easter. Halloween is no different.

  • Elementary school students should get homework on Halloween

    Elementary school students should get homework on Halloween just as middle and high school students do. This is because of the fact that students of all ages should receive work on holidays such as Halloween to help prepare them for the future in which they will still receive work regardless of holiday.

  • Give them their one night

    Most kids above the elementary school grade level are not out trick-or-treating, so I don't see why they should not get homework. Not to mention, they get out a bit earlier anyway. However, I think elementary school kids should be given their one night off so they can truly enjoy trick or treating.

  • No sometimes it is better to be nice

    You could give homework to elementary kids on Halloween but why would you. Their minds are not going to be focused on homework that night. Sometimes it is better to just allow a child to be a child and have fun. Missing a night of homework will not stunt their education.

  • Halloween Homework Harmful for Young Kids

    No, elementary school students should not receive homework on Halloween as do their middle school and high school counterparts. Trick or Treating on Halloween is an experience that all young children should get to have, and homework greatly impedes upon having that experience. Let the youngsters enjoy themselves with a night of fun.

  • No, they should not.

    Elementary school students are usually still given a form of work on Halloween it just isn't as taxing as everything else. I think this is a good way to allow kids to be kids for a little bit longer and enjoy life. We should not push our children to hard.

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