Should elementary students have at least 2 pages of homework?

  • We should have less homework because we need more time to spend with our family and some have to help take care of our siblings.

    It may be hard for us to memorize things easier. School is kind of like our job but you never know your mom or dad might die the next day. It would be nice to get more exercise at home instead of homework. The teachers also have to explain the homework; with no homework we can do more in class.

  • Research has shown that homework provides little to no educational benefit at the elementary school level.

    School time is for education. There are limited hours left in the day where everything else has to be fit in like eating, self care, sleeping, doing household chores, rest, relaxation, p,at, developing the imagination, interacting with friends and family, participating in sports and extra curricular actives, spiritual growth and developing general life skills.

  • No, there should be no required amount of homework.

    Elementary students are in school for six hours. It is not right for them to come home and complete still more school work. When they get to a certain age, they will have to do homework, then they grow up and get out into the real world and have regular work. When do they have time to be children and have fun? It seems age five is the cut off for being a child.

  • Quality over quantity.

    There is no specified amount of homework that elementary students should be required to complete. There are learning targets and whatever homework needed to meet those which the teacher is sure to assign to the students. They spend all day in school as well, so "two pages" may be too much for some, or too little for others. Amount of homework assigned should also be dependent on age.

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