Should elementary students be able to have unhealthy relationships? (ex. Kissing, dating)

  • Pffft Hell Yeah

    I myself am 5.75 years of age and honestly if you guys are the reason i quit gettin it from ma fine ass girl then we gotta prob fam so like totally just be chill with it cause us kids man, we got a strong pull out game :) so no worries :)

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  • No, they shouldn't!

    No, elementary students should not have unhealthy relationships like kissing or dating for two reasons. First, They are still elementary students. They have to focus more on their education, not dating. That might make the student unable to focus on their education. Second, It is is too early for students to have relationships with opposite sexes.

  • No, they shouldn't!!

    I agree with the first con post. They are called UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS for a vey good and solid reason. Most 8 year olds don't even know what kissing and dating mean. All in all, children bellow the age of 14 (which is in your teens) shouldn't be able to have unhealthy relationships.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Unhealthy relationships= bad, that's why they're called UNHEALTHY relationships.
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  • Extremely Unprepared Minds

    Neurological studies suggest that children do not fully develop the comprehension of their sexually-related desires until they are at least 10-years-old, but are very easily manipulated and incapable of making independent and intellectual decisions as humans until they are at least in their mid-teens. This is probable cause to oppose this very concept that somehow elementary students (as 55% of voters here propose) should be able to do date or kiss one another. They are simply not psychologically prepared at that point in time.

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