Should Elena be with Stefan (yes) or Damon (no) in the Vampire Diaries?

  • Stefan is the best

    Because Stefan and elena are the best together, their relationship is beautiful and they always love, care, protect and RESPECT each other no matter what. AND THIS SHOULD BE A RELATIONSHIP. Also stefan is a wonderful person even when he was in his old days he change that for good and when he is with elena he becomes better than he is and both get out the best of them.
    Damon and elena are cute too but they dont work, all the people says that they have a lot of chemestry and passion, but almost all their relationship there was SEX. I mean that is not a healthy RELATIONSHIP.
    ( Damon is a good person too but in his own way, but 2 things that i like of him is that no matter waht he protect the people that he cares and the other is that he is the funniest character in the serie jaja i love it)
    This is my opinion about it!! Thanks :) #TEAMSTELENA

  • Damon is psycho!

    Damon is evil. He has Killed/abused countless women including Caroline, Vicki, Lexi ..... And hundreds more. He even killed her brother Jeremy when he was in a bad mood without knowing he could come back. How could you love someone who kills and abuses your family and childhood friends? He's going to hell. How could she pick him? He is a remorseless monster.

  • Stefan is obviously better

    Stefan will always be better for Elena. Stefan made Elena happy again after, not only loosing one parent but both of them!!! He inspired her to be a better her. Just as she inspired him to be a better him. Elena will always be at her best with Stefan just as Stefan will always be at his best when his with Elena.

  • Damon and Elena are far more special

    Stefan and Elena are just typical love at first sight, when Delena had a much better build up. No matter what Damon does, Elena always ends up forgiving him in the end, because he consumes her, and she needs him. Delena is a lot more special and their scenes show more passion in my opinion.

  • Damon is a better pick.

    The thought of Stefan and Elena was cute and all but it was all a fairy tale. Hows it go about it that Stefan always gets the girl. They were cute but they were so perfect, i knew it wouldn't last. I was hoping for Damon and Elena. Damon brings out the fire and the best , them together bring the best in eachother. Its beautiful.

  • Let's just be honest

    Damon is hotter and sexier and overall just a better fit for Elena than Stephen. Plus, now that she's a vampire, Damon is doing a way better job dealing than Stephen. We all know she's gonna end up with DAMON, no debate at all. Yay for Delena! #TVD #DAMON FOR LIFE

  • Damon Only Because

    Damon is just SO much better for Elena than Stefan is. Though I'll say I liked Stefan and Elena when they were together, Damon and Elena just zing, and Damon brings out a side of Elena we all like, or somewhat like. That's why I think she's better off with Damon!

  • Damon is bae

    Damon has loved Elena for so long, and even though Stefan has dated her for a while they always have conflicts and Damon loves her so much and he is so noble for suppressing his love for her just to protect her and Stefan. Well i guess Stefan is bae too. They're both equally bae.

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