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  • No, they deserve to live.

    Elephants are living thing too ,you know? So, why would anyone even think to do something like this to such beautiful animals? We need to let them live in peace and harmony. Honestly, it is just a really wrong thing to do! Lets let elephants live a good life and not get killed for ivory.

  • No, elephants are living things too.

    They deserve to live and not be harmed by us. Also, if we keep this up they might go extinct. So, we should all respect these beautiful animals and just let them be. This is just plain wrong, as well. Why would anyone even do such a thing to another living thing? Think before you do!

  • Of course elephants shouldn't be killed for their ivory

    It's stupid to do so even if you're completely selfish because if you kill the elephants for their ivory, they might go extinct and then there won't be any more elephants for ivory. Plus it's wrong. Elephants deserve to live and our children deserve to live in a world where there are elephants.

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