Should elite colleges continue to limit admissions for Asian American students?

  • Give others a chance

    I believe that other races should have the chance to go to top schools. Asian American students are all the same, they get perfect scores, and play and instrument, and If Asian American students like this continue to take over all the opportunities of other people of other races... Even if they aren't as smart colleges need variety, not a school full of basically the exact same person

  • Elite Colleges Should Admit A Variety

    I believe elite colleges should continue to limit admissions for Asian American students, but if they continue, they should make sure they are letting in an equal balance of ethnicity's. In other words, they should all be equal, not just a certain number of Asian Americans. I believe this should be done so everyone has an equal chance.

  • They should not

    Your test scores and other traits should determine acceptance. Your race should not be a factor in college admission because that would be racial discrimination. I think that it is wrong to use race as a factor because it decreases academic achievement among those who think,
    " I'm not Asian so I can not study."

  • No, ethnicity should be irrelevant

    Ethnicity should not be taken into account in college admissions. Academic achievement and test scores are the best indicators of a student's potential to succeed in an elite college environment. Ethnicity doesn't play a role. Besides, different standards for different ethnic groups is insulting to the ethnic groups who are giving the biggest handicap. Lowered expectation for some groups will ensure that those groups continue to perform at lower levels. If the same is expected of everyone, then the best of the best in all groups will quickly get up to snuff.

  • Um, they actually do this?

    There is no such thing as good discrimination. Discrimination is bad and we should not be doing it. Even if you call discrimination "Affirmative Action" it is still at its core racism. I was hoping that people were better than this. I guess not.

    I was just looking through the list of topics. I can't believe that they would do this. For a society that is trying to fight racism, people seem to care an awful lot about race.

    Everyone is an individual and should be treated as such.

  • Elite colleges should not limit admissions of Asian Americans

    Elite colleges, while they should strive for an ethnically diverse population, should absolutely not cap admission of any specific ethnic groups. Ultimately, the goal is to admit the most qualified students, regardless of race. Asian American students should be admitted, or not, on the basis of their academic qualifications, but not limited on the basis of quotas.

  • No they should not.

    Elite colleges should not continue to limit the admissions for Asian Americans. That is not fair to do, if the person is smart and is doing better than other Americans of other races than they should be give the exact same chance. I understand they want to be diverse, but people work hard to get into these colleges.

  • No, let's move beyond race

    It’s time to make college admissions race free. In a perfect world, college
    students would be selected on the basis of test scores, grades, extracurricular
    activities, and possibly faculty recommendations. Categorizing people by their
    race is racism,and it is important to move beyond racism and build a world
    where success is built on character, effort and ability.

  • They should not.

    Discrimination is wrong, even if the discrimination assists blacks. It is unfair that a black woman who scored 1300 on her SATs should be chosen over an Asian man who scored 1500. How can society ever stop being racist when have racial discrimination against Asians and whites? Also, lowering the standards for blacks and Hispanics while raising them for Asians gives the impression that they can't compete on an even playing field.

  • No that is wrong

    I think any student who is able and qualified to go to a school should be permitted. I don't think race or sex should have anything to do with it. If you have a 98% white male population but that is who was best qualified then fine. If it is a 95% Asian female popualtion then fine.

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