• Elizabeth Warren should run for President.

    I feel the main reason she is not running is either [a] she doesn't want that much pressure [b] she doesn't want to deal with a GOP congress (it's at risk of being re-elected, which it probably will be [c] she doesn't feel ready or feels like she doesn't have enough leadership skills yet, or [d] she just feels like she can play a bigger role in Senate. To be honest, all of those are understandable; you have to walk in her shoes a little bit. Regardless, I personally would still like her to run. Even though I think she stands a great chance against Hillary Clinton, I doubt she will beat her. Regardless of that, though, it would still be nice to get a progressive voice out there to get a lot more people thinking. That's why I also want Bernie Sanders to run.

  • If not president then vice president with Hilary.

    She is both republican and democrat. She may very well be the healing force for our dysfunctional system. Hilary causes issues. Just listen to Hilary work the crowds (NOT). Hilary is uncomfortable taking with "average folk" I will vote for her, I did in 2008. She is too far removed and cold, she will be a kick ass President, but... Try asking her a question..."What difference does it make senator

  • Come on please

    I really want this woman to run. She s a highly intellegant and accomplished proffesor who has done a lot in the senate for consumer protection. Shes trying to put through camplaign finance reform to stop corporations from buying elections and legislation she is exactly what the country needs right now, and she is also highly progressed on social issues. And also she wants to stop people in power from profoting off in debt students.

  • She's just really awesome

    She would be a better president than all the other candidates. Yes, Hillary is more likely to be elected, but Warren's a much better person. NIH funding, cronyism, and corruption are her main concerns, all of which I agree with. Hillary could be better in my opinion. Elizabeth does what probably 99% of all politicians don't do: she actually represents the people.

  • Elizabeth Warren is a strong candidate

    I think all strong candidates should run for president if they want to. Elizabeth Warren is a solid Democrat, and she lacks the baggage that Hillary Clinton still carries in the minds of many people. I think either woman would make a great president, and I think anyone who stands a chance should run.

  • Yes, Elizabeth Warren should run for president.

    No matter which party you usually support, Elizabeth Warren running for president is a good idea. Hillary Clinton running uncontested isn't really the greatest preparation for her election. And more candidates, in general, really in any election is beneficial for the majority. Republicans want her to run, just to divide up the votes and maybe raise some issues againt Clinton that they didn't think of.

  • I don't think so

    With the amount of problems we have in the middle east I don't think we should have any woman as the president of this country. I know that sounds sexist and it isn't meant to but I just think at this time it will cause more problems than it will solve.

  • Warren will not be able to compete with Clinton

    I believe that Hillary Clinton already has a strong head start, and that Elizabeth Warren running would split votes among the democratic party and actually make it less likely that a woman secure the nomination. As they have similar views, Warren should back Clinton in order to best support her party.

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