Should Ellen DeGeneres have asked the Oscar pizza delivery person to come onstage for all to see?

  • It was good television.

    Yes, I think Ellen DeGeneres should have asked the Oscar pizza delivery person to come onstage for us all to see, because she is a very entertaining host, and that is a funny thing to do. The group selfie was also funny, even though it was obviously staged. Ellen is a fun host and the pizza thing was a good idea.

  • Sure Why Not?

    Obviously if you're deliverying pizza to the oscars you would have to have some idea, he would have had to go through a lot of security checks in the first place. Also he was never lied to, He was told to come Deliver pizza at the oscars and he assumed it would be for producers but probably went wild with ideas in his head.

    People need to realize that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. He probably didn't know that he'd be delivering pizza on stage, but I'm sure he thought about it. And as he was standing behind the producer door being told to wait for Ellen's Queue I'm sure he could figure it out.

    He was well groomed and cleaned up properly. He behaved very appropriately which is a bit surprising given a regular pizza delivery boy. Which makes me believe that it wasn't left to chance and as random as the internet makes it sound.

  • Yes, why not?

    The guy was fine about it. If he truly did not want to go on stage, he could have turned around and left (leaving the pizzas on the floor). What Ellen did was both funny and a lifetime experience for the delivery person that he will treasure for the rest of his life. Not like he's going to lose sleep over delivering pizza to movie stars.

  • No, DeGeneres shouldn't have asked the pizza boy on stage.

    I do not think that Ellen DeGeneres should have asked the pizza delivery person to come onstage for all to see during the Academy Awards. I think that it might have been something that could have been embarassing for the delivery person. Even though the skit was thought of as funny, it could have been trouble.

  • Pizza Delivery Man Not a Celebrity

    Ellen DeGeneres, host of the 2014 Oscar Awards, had a fun segment when a regular pizza delivery man brought pizza to the theater where the awards were being held. However, the evening of the Oscars is for the actors and celebrities involved with the film, and putting the delivery man on stage would have put him in an awkward situation.

  • He should have been asked first.

    He should have been asked before he went onstage. Ellen always tried to be nice to people and it was meant to be nice and funny. I am sure he didn't mind and he was invited onto her show and given a good tip, but he should have still been asked and had the chance to decide if he wanted to do that first.

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