• Great Speaker, Influencial

    She is a great speaker, very charismatic, good views on important issues, and she also celebrates diversity very well. I believe that having a female president at the same time as a First Lady would be a breath of fresh air for the US. I think people would take a liking to her, as well. However, many more conservative Americans may have different views,

  • I would vote for Ellen. She's good with people, & I idolize her show. Ellen is funny, intelligent, she's well known, and liked by many.

    She has her own television show, that's so inspiring to people all around the world. Has anyone been following the election? It seems a bit of a mess to me. It'd be better than voting for any of the other candidates. We need a woman with a good mind. Ellen come save us.

  • Most caring person

    Really knows people,Ellen understands people and politics. Ellen doesn't care about the money she will guide the country without prejudice. Ellen would present a sane and unbiased perspective on foreign affairs. She would represent all of America and be able to see through the the mercinerary lobbyists.
    Ellen's compassion would be good for the whole world.

  • Ellen DeGeneres President

    I personally think that Ellen DeGeneres would be a great candidate for being president because she is a good spokesperson and she knows how to get the job done even though she has a great sense of humor. Ellen DeGeneres is known from her television show on FOX and she is also known for giving gifts.

  • We would miss her

    She may or may not make a great president. That will be a Schrodinger's cat. We dont want to lose a great entertainer. She has way more freedom and power running a show than running a country. Just because she does give a lot to the society doesnt mean she can do the same running a country.

  • Where she is

    She personally stated that if she wants to make people happier she should just stay an entertainer. That is true. She has help so many people on her show. I am very happy with who she is and who choose to be already. I mean if she was president we would miss our resident comedian! ✌😜

  • No, she should not.

    While I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres's show, I do not think she would make for a good president. Also, I do not like anyone who becomes president because, for the most part, they are liars and cheats. Therefore, in my own self-interest I would love for her to never become president.

  • She's an entertainer

    People believe that because they see the president on TV and they see other people on TV that celebrities somehow have the same qualifications if they happen to have any political views. Ellen is a great entertainer, and may have strong views on issues, but not every actor is Regan.

  • More Effective as Entertainer

    Ellen DeGeneres is more effective as an entertainer than as a politician. She can get more done and be less constrained by the office of president in what she can do. Instead, DeGeneres can use her wealth and influence to raise funds for candidates and start her own foundations. She's more effective in the auspices of entertainment.

  • She is an entertainer.

    With the exception of Reagan, entertainers make lousy presidents. We all like Ellen personally, but that does not mean that we all agree with her political views. Ellen united us culturally. She has a big impact on our society in a positive way, and she should stick with that arena, since she is so successful.

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