• The use of email is entrenched in society.

    Email is a pretty important communication and networking tool that people should be familiar with to be in their lives. It would be much easier for people to be familiar with things if they've had experiences with it from an early age, although email providers' age restrictions should be heeded. Rather than being a deterrent to using email, the potential risk of scammers and stalkers is a learning opportunity parents can use to teach children about safe and responsible internet conduct.

  • Should computer manufacturers prevent adults from buying computers for children?

    They are providing a service, it's up to you and your family if you want to use it. Same thing goes for alcohol and cigarettes. Should they be forced to read the dangers beforehand? Yes, but they should be allowed to choose if they want to risk them afterwords. Good people don't need laws to tell them to be good.

  • Parents are going to have to adapt.

    It's unrealistic to expect email providers to store and verify the identity of all account owners, which may be another security risk in and of itself, just so parents can shirk yet another responsibility to their children. The simple fact of the matter is that todays kids are going to be exposed to the Internet. It's inescapable and it's only going to be more true in future generations.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Email is a fact of life

    Kids need to learn to use email as it has now become a very important means of communication. Kids can use email to send thank you notes for gifts and other things that used to be done by snail mail. If parents also have their child's password they can make sure that everything coming through email is safe.

  • Email accounts should not let kids sign up

    The reason why i say no is because there are a whole lot predstors everywhere. Its like facebook there has been a whole lot of things happening to girls and boys ranging from ages 10-18 and you ask yourself how could this be.? Well it is because there are people who have phones and have facebook and to have facebook you need an email . Random people might add you and follow you. I also think it has to do with how mature and what your age is. I say no they shouldnt because they are letting more danger top children.

  • There too young

    They should not be allowed email accounts when young as they can contact anyone and anyone can contact them. For all you know your child could be talking to a child offender, rapist, it could be anyone. They could get into all sorts of trouble just by letting them have an email at a young age.

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