• Stem Cells: Looking Towards the Future

    This may seem like a unreligious view, but Stem Cell research is neccesary for our future. Just think of all the people who are suffering, and how we could lessen that pain. Millions of people, who are already living, could have a better life and even live longer. With this pluripotent cells, it could help cure heart disease, cancer, or even blindness. In one study conducted by Robert Lanza, they made an experimental treatment made from human embryonic stems cells that helped two people suffering from slowly progressing forms of blindness partially restoring their sight. Overall, stems cell research is crucial to continue on our advances into the future.

  • How would you be affected by a person's choice to not have a child?

    Seriously. It would not affect you in the slightest. You would not even know. At this point, the stem cells are just clumps of other cells. No identity or characteristics. Nothing that defines that it is human.

    Also, stem cells are possibly the future of our world. So actually the only possible way you would be affected is for the better. See, imagine if you had an untreatable disease but doctors and scientists found a way to cure you and everyone else with the disease. But it only possible with the use of embryonic stem cells. So a woman who is unable to have a child or give a child the life that it needs is willing to donate her stem cells for that research, why would this hold you against it.

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  • Yes, it will help humanity.

    If people who are conservative do not allow embryonic stem cell research and if they force their views on the rest of us, then humanity will be losing a huge opportunity to take care of various diseases and circumstances that plague us. These are not babies, they are embryos that did not come to term.

  • They can be made without fertilization.

    The biggest argument used by people that don't want to use embryonic stem cells is that it is killing a person (fetus). Regardless of this position, it has been shown this year, 2013, that embryonic stem cells can be created without fertilization and as such it is no longer killing fetal cells. So the only argument (that was bad anyway) against the use of embryonic stem cells has now been erased. Go Science!

  • With the advent of 3D printers, the con side is out of reasons.

    3D printers are now able to print human stem cells, and therefore there are no more ethical consequences to be had with the worry that it would be killing unconceived babies (or whatever those religious people though was wrong with it).

    The advancement of technology has allowed us to bypass the alleged ethical consequences of such research.

  • It is not right.

    I think that stem cell research is still very important for enhancing our knowledge of medicine and how it can benefit us as a society however, I disagree that embryos should be used to conduct research tests or experiments. It is unethical as embryos are cells that will ultimately develop into human beings. By using adult stem cells instead of embryonic ones, I think that we can still achieve new finds and ways of helping society without the conflict of opinions.

  • It is murder

    Once you were an embryo in your mom's stomach. What if she had chosen to kill you? Killing embryos is murder, and it is wrong. Ever life matters, however undeveloped. It's also unethical to find out everything about your child before it is born. Where's the surprise and beauty in that?

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  • You were an Embryo too.

    I have been studying this topic for a speech I have to give in my literary class, but I never thought I would actually care about the topic. I have been very disturbed by what I have found. Everyone deserves a life, even Embryos, which are babies. Think of yourself. Think of the fact that not that long ago, you were an embryo. Are you going to tell me that you would prefer your stem cells give someone else an organ, than you be alive right now? Do you have kids? Would you really give them up, so we advance in technology?

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