• Embryos for Research

    This is a tough issue which has caused many debates. Listening to and reading so very much concerning this topic had still left me undecided. Though many have readily made a decision regarding this type of research, I feel that it will take far longer for some of us to come to any conclusion concerning an answer.

  • YES

    There is no real, compelling reason that I can find to keep embryos from being raised for research purposes. Most of the arguments have more to do with religious sensibilities or fear of "playing God".

    Embryos used for research are at an age and stage of development where they do not have a heartbeat, feel pain, or anything of that sort. They are about the same in terms of consciousness as a rock, perhaps an amoeba.

    Compare this to the very real and tangible benefits that we could see to such research, research that could help living, breathing human beings that do feel pain and very much are conscious.

    There is the potential to help a lot of people with such research.

  • Yes, the data would certainly prove valuable.

    The arguments against using embryos for research is very similar to that used against contraception and abortion, and in many cases, it is a religious argument. Therefore, the argument in favor of it ignores religious sensibilities. It is more beneficial to engage in research which can eventually aid mankind than it is to hobble ourselves out of fear that some vague, invisible god disapproves.

  • Embryos are part of the natural order.

    Embryos, like fetuses, are a product of a male and female joining together to create a new life. Only in the past 30 years or so have scientists begun to experiment with life forms in the laboratory. Human life has been around for about 85 million years. Somehow - no matter which theory you believe about how we got here - he presence of an embryo inside a female human body just makes me sense than in a test tube or petri dish.

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