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    Tattoos are a fashion its not a unprofecinal mannor if the police force are allowed them oh and the nhs then maybe every workplace in the uk should have them on show what if i was white or black do i have to cover my skin even again racist i

  • Yes, tattoos are meaningful and should be showed to the world

    Your body is the canvas to tell the story of your life. Many people get tattoos to express themselves and that have meaning to them. Telling them to hide it is like telling them to be ashamed of who and what makes them. Tattoos are very beautiful and they also are a work of art. So why not let people get that art and show it off? It's not hurting anybody

  • Yes, employees should be allowed to show their tattoos.

    If a company lets their employees show their tattoos, then they are saying that they value the ideas and work ethic of their employees, rather than just their presentation. This shows trust in the employees rather than a pandering to the client, that will cause the client to in turn trust the company.

  • I believe that employees should be allowed to show their tattoos because physical appearance should have no bearing on performance at work.

    Depending on the job, (business/office vs. construction worker) I don't believe that an employee should be required to cover up tattoos (assuming that they are appropriate tattoos) in the work place. Getting a tattoo is a personal decision, and while many people are strongly against the idea of tattoos, it shouldn't restrict someone from showing them while working. Physical appearance in the work place can be important depending on the job, however; it is usually expected that one looks put together and is appropriately dressed when working in an office. Although this is the case in many office environments, I dont believe that people should have to cover up tattoos if it has no effect on their job performance.

  • Tattoos in office looks unprofessional

    In corporate environments, tattoos are still not acceptable all of the time. Even if people who work in corporate environments like tattoos, it gives them a look of unprofessional person in front of the boss. Sporting a tattoo look to customers who visit the office will make them think whether to do business here.

  • Employees should keep tattoos covered in professional settings

    Depending on the type of professional setting, employees should generally keep their tattoos covered. People in white collar, non-creative jobs who deal with the public should keep tattoos discreetly covered. For example, teachers, doctors, bankers, and lawyers should not have visible tattoos during work hours. However people who work in the creative fields or IT who do not have direct customer contact should be able to have visible tattoos.

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