• It is a good idea.

    I think employees be allowed to work from home especially the person who has a child. This system will be very helpful for mothers that are growing up their child. Recently, computer network developers and employees are able to do their works in home computer and send to the companies as for office works. It is the way for child-raising women to take part in company's jobs.

  • Yes, it can be more efficient.

    While I think that the policy in regards to working from home or not, is up to each business, I see nothing wrong with employees doing their job from the confines of their own home. If it is more efficient and helps out the company, then I am all for it.

  • we have work to do at home!

    employees should be able to work at home. missing a day of work prettyy much means their child is sick, their child has a dentist or doctor appoitments, they have a meeting for something, they may have their own check-ups. the employees may not have enough money to pay for gas, so they may not be able to show up for work. being able to work at home is a really good desicion to the employees and the economy.. some of these parentsneed money to pay for their house, car, and children! if their child is sick forsay a week and you cant show up for work but you need as much money as you can get on your next paycheck, we need to be able to get their job done.

  • They Should Be Allowed To

    I personally think that employees should be allowed to work from home. I do not see a problem with it as long as the complete all their work for their employer. They would also need to communicate often with their job. This would save companies money and is something that should be looked into.

  • No, it blurs boundaries.

    Work is for work and home is for home. Exceptions can be made if someone wants to try working through a sick day, but all in all having an office structure helps the brain stay on track. Too many people would be distracted at home with family and everything else going at home.

  • No, it is not good idea.

    People must work at home.This is due to the fact that if people work at home, it is fairly difficult to contact with other employees; furthermore, according to survey conducted by the UK government, people will be lazy day by day. That is say, anybody can not observe their work.

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