• Yes, Employers should be able to fire employees over social media.

    Legally, employers can fire an employees for whatever reason they want. The first amendment only protects personal rights with the government. Also, a manager gets to choose the kind of people they want in the workplace. If they don't want a person who drinks, then a post of an employee drinking could get them fired.

  • Employees are directly linked to a company.

    With everything you do, you give yourself a name or an appearance. If you are employed by a company, you are a representation of said company. Social Media is not as private as one might think and when what you say reflects poorly on a company then it is fair, if seen fit by the head of a company, to let that employee go.

  • Yes they should

    When people get a job they usually have to sign a contract. In the contract it may say you can get fired from what you post on Facebook. You represent the company posting bad things reflects bad on the company. If you don't have anything to hide then you shouldn't worry about getting fired from what you post on social media

  • Yes, they are a representative of their company

    What an employee posts on Facebook, or any other public place online can and should be grounds for firing. What you do, when you aren't being supervised necessarily by a boss, can measure what kind of person you are. If you are doing something inappropriate on a public place on the internet, it can reflect poorly on the company.

  • Tied back to the workplace.

    Depending on the post, People who post homophobic, Racist, Hate crime, Drug or drug paraphernalia have every right to be fired as well as threats to the workplace, Children in the workplace, Specific call outs of coworkers or students. Every case is different and should be judged as need be.

  • Depending on the severity

    If someone posts highly discriminate content, Or comments that prove a threat or danger to a place or person(s), They should be up for review if not fired. Termination, Of course, Depends on the severity of the post, But an employee is also representing the company they work for, And a workplace has the right to fire someone they deem as not capable of representing them well or is viewed as a threat to the organization and its people.

  • You should be aware of what you post.

    If you sign a contract, You know what you are signing up for. IF you do anything to break anything on the contract, It is on you. You should be held responsible if you say anything or do anything to make you and the company you work for look bad.

  • You can be held accountable for what you post.

    People should be fired for what they say online. The constitution doesn't say that you can't be fired for what you say it only says that Congress won't make laws that obstruct free speech, what anyone else does for what you say is not covered by the constitution, firing people for what they say talking on a phone call and complaining about your boss, should not get you fired but if you expect what you say on social media to be private you are wrong, nothing you post on social media is private and if you want to post something on social media you need to understand the fact that it is not going to be private and you can be held accountable for it.

  • Yes, you represent the company and the type of people they hire.

    If you're posting racist, anti-Semitic, or just offensive content, that should be and is grounds to fire you as you are a direct link to the company. When they hire you they don't only hire you as a worker they also hire you as a representative of the company as well.

  • Yes, they are a representative of their company

    What we do outside of work, when we aren't supervised by a boss can definitely measure what kind of person we are. If an employee is cursing, posting inappropriate content, doing other bad stuff, it can reflect negatively on the company. What you post on Facebook, or any other public place online should definitely be grounds for firing.

  • No it should not.

    People's Facebook posts are their own choice. If they wanted to vent about their day, Then they should be able to. They should not be judged or fired just because they post something their boss does not like or agree with. Maybe it's a picture where they are at a party, Or maybe it is a huge paragraph venting about Trump. Either way they should not be judged or fired just because their boss does not agree with their own activities or opinions, On which they may or may not do on their own spare time.

  • Absolutely not, the illusion of control will result in oppression tyranny

    If we keep on this course of trying to control the expression of thoughts and feelings people will be more inclined to act upon their evil inclinations. Allowing people to vent their frustrations ( however wrong) at least lets them ‘get it out’ in a way that causes no actual physical harm to others and wouldn’t even cause any emotional harm to a strong minded and well adjusted individual. Censoring them on the other hand will create a whole group of people who are like bombs waiting to explode. Reality can be harsh and as vile as some thoughts and feelings are, it’s better to be said than acted upon. Furthermore in this ‘less than ideal’ society we live in too many people have way too much of a sense of entitlement. When the ball drops these same people will be a greater danger than someone who may be outspoken but wrong. While I hold to a very ‘strict’ morality myself. Moral crusaders often become the worst among us.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Employees have every right to expect a measure of privacy in their personal lives that does not extend to work. As long as they are not violating any contractual agreements with their employer--such as disclosing trade secrets--they should not be fired for the things they say on facebook. Employers are becoming far too stalker-like when they are checking up on employees in their social spaces.

  • You have freedom of speech, your aloud to say what you want.

    You can say what you want and its public for many people, it's a social media site and nothing related to work. It's freedom of speech and your own opinion so people really shouldn't be offended by what you have to what you are apposing. So it shouldn't get them fired.

  • Your workplace and your Social media platform are completely different.

    While at your workplace you are under the rules of the workplace and therefore anything you say there could get you fired but while on a social media platform you should be able to say what you please as long it abides by the limits in the first amendment. You have the freedom of speech but it is a limited right because there are somethings that should NEVER be said like things relating to terrorism or you performing a horrible act. That should be the only grounds for getting fired for what you say on social media.

  • No, because this can be a form of censorship

    It would be outlandish to be fired for religious views that are protected under the bill of rights, and under the same pretense it should be far-fetched to fire someone for their protected freedom of expression. If one isn't allowed to express their opinion online, then it severely limits how they can explain their views, and on the same note it would keep the opinions of others from reaching them.

  • That is ridiculous

    Social media is an area that is not meant for letting your boss check up on you, it is for personal entertainment of letting your friends know the latest about your PERSONAL life. In no way do they connect, bosses are using them as tool to know who is right for the job and who isn't.

  • No, unless the Facebook post in question was written/posted during paid hours.

    I find it ridiculous that employers are allowed to govern what employees do in their private time on their private social media account. If a person wants to make an "apes in heels" comment (which I found hilarious) on their own social media, that is perfectly acceptable because that social media account had nothing to do with the employer. As long as this does not effect the job performance of the employee, I find no reason to allow any firing over their posting. Imagine this set precedences for employers to allow termination for your own private thoughts.

  • Posting in your private time shouldnt be a problem

    The things that you post on social media shouldnt be anyone's business. When a coworker posts something on social media you shouldnt go back and tell the manager about it , the only way a coworker should get fired is if they post about harming a coworker other than that they should specially if the manager is hearing from some one and not seeing it for themselves

  • No, they shouldnt

    Anyone who thinks an individual who is not strictly appointed to do so speaks for the whole of an organization is moronic, people are individuals not bees in a hive, hence companies should stand up for individual rights rather than kneeling to the almighty dollar, rights are rights regardless of who they inconvenience.

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