• The Wording of this Debate's Title is Incredibly Loaded

    "Should be tolerate this <insert emotionally charged phrase here>

    Give me a break, No wonder more than 80% are saying no as of the time of writing this. Everyone is afraid to respond "yes", And they would be.

    So I'll elaborate that my understanding of workplace harassment according to California law refers to either "unwelcome sexual behaviors" and/or something to the element of an employer offering a raise or promotion or some benefit in exchange for a sexual favor. I'll state my view on both.

    To the former I say that "unwelcome" or "unwanted" are emotionally charged words and are overbroad, Yet are at the core of every "harassment" law on the book. Criticism can be unwanted. Things happen every day in life that are "unwanted. " Unwanted or unwelcome or something that has no effect beyond what amounts to hurting your feelings is not grounds for legislation or government involvement and any attempt to do so should be resisted with force, As it is against freedom of speech and expression and Amendment I of the US Bill of Rights. "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. " Live by these words instead of asking others to change for you. Take responsibility for your own emotions.

    As to the second (offering benefits in exchange for sexual favors) I fail to see why this is wrong. Has anyone considered that the fact that women have this option and men don't is an advantage to women, That they can work there way up the business ladder by way of their sexuality, Rather than their qualifications? This is, At best, More a benefit to women in business than a barrier but modern day feminists spin it to the contrary. At worst, It is an argument to segregate men and women in the work force. Women throughout history have had the means to live off their sexuality alone, For example, Prostitution, Having men take care of them directly, Or rising through the business through the ranks by f***ing your boss, And to the women saying "We don't like it" did it ever occur to you that men do work that they don't like? Did you ever consider that you aren't entitled to what you like and that men have worked themselves to death taking care of you for all of human history and before? Stop acting oppressed and realize that your sexuality is all you need to survive and that equates to a far greater privilege than anything you can say men have up on women.

  • I love workplace bullying

    And i want to read the comments of those who love it just like me, We are anoynmous here so if you secretely love when your boss enslave and humiliate you in order to make you deserve your money then tell it, I am a natural born suck up so i want to meet other people like me here and know your experiences of bullying in the workplace, You know, That place were we can get our money and that is also a perfect place for worship :D (even phisical worship since fortunately some managers already expect their workers to bow down and kiss their feet, But unfortunately they still can't do that in front of everyone) ; I think that the workers should also be paid to satiate ego of their bosses, This mean to metaphorically and literally kiss their ass and their feet, Bow down for them and stuff like that, And of course revere and adore them and try to satisfy all of their requests but still without run in to any risk for their health, Fortunately i learned from an article found on the web that in some workplaces the managers really expect the workers to bow down and kiss their shoes but the problem is that it happen in a discreete way, Like, Those managers really can't do that in front of everyone as they should be able to do, At least in an anoymous confession i am sure that someone can finally admit with me to feel the same way

  • Not at all

    No, i do not think that a person working at a store or factory should have to put up with this at all. This has been a major topic that has been trying to get cut down on in the nation with a lot of good programs put in place.

  • They Should Report It

    Harassment, sexual or otherwise, has no place at a job site. If an employer wants productive employees, they should guarantee an environment that is free from harassment and stress. There are laws in place to promote this, but sometimes employees feel far too intimidated to report their bosses when they cross the line.

  • No, but they do

    They are scared they are going to be fired. I do not know why people are so scared to get fired? I get we are in a bad economy and work is scarce but that is no way to live. Many of these jobs over work people, and pay people like garbage anyway. People should stand up for themselves.

  • Harssmen should never be tolerated

    Workplaces are rarely completely voluntary environments. Though many of us would love to work for a company that we really were passionate about and committed to the reality is that most people wake up, get dressed, and go to work to make sure they can keep paying the bills. This reality is why harassment is so dangerous - workers need their jobs so they are afraid to say anything about being harassed - which means they try to learn to tolerate "small" harassment. This is simple an intolerable answer and clear solutions to stop it should be made.

  • No, employees should not tolerate workplace harassment.

    It is the right of every worker in America to be able to go to work and do their job without having to be harassed. Work places have rules regarding workplace harrasment. And if such things are going on, then they should be enforce. I think there is no room for harassment in the work place.

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