Should employers ban the use of social networking sites at work?

  • Can cause stress

    Social Media does not relieve stress it creates it. Going back to work is very stressful and it can make you lose track of time during breaks and make you in a mad rush to get your work finished. Social media is very pointless during work you don't need to check other people pics

  • Wastes Employer's Money

    Using social networking sites while not on break at work wastes productivity on the boss's dime. Employers should already have Internet/phone usage rules in place before employees work there so they know what to expect. In general, using the Internet or texting while on the clock is a no-no, so use common sense while on the clock!

  • No time wasting at work

    I think they should. Most companies already have it in their policies that Internet is not supposed to be used for personal purposes during work time. That includes social networking sites, by definition. Some companies use software to track how employees use the Internet, too. They understand that some folks would try to violate the rules.

  • Social networking can become a distraction

    In some cases, yes, employers may want to band the use of social networking on their work computers. If it has become a distraction or a hindrance to accomplishing the daily task that an employee must complete than it is cost the employer money. It can also cause a rift in employee's working relationship with each other if things are posted about one another.

  • Yes, it is a distraction.

    Employers should be perfectly entitled to ban the use of social networking sites at work; it is not only a distraction, but the employers are not paying them to sit their chatting and playing games they are paid to work. Employees should not be on those sites even if it is allowed at work.

  • Yes, employees waste time on them.

    Yes, employers should ban the use of social networking sites at work, because employees waste a great deal of time on them. Although employees like them, they are a great way to waste time and to be distracted. Employees get more done if they are able to concentrate on their work without distractions from social media.

  • Employers should not ban the use of social networking sites at work.

    Employers should not ban the use of social networking sites at work. The use of social networking sites should be left up to the account holder. If the use of these sites start to get in the way of the work that should be done then I think the employer has the right to ask the employee to stop using it.

  • No they should not ban it.

    There should be no issues between work and social networking sites at work as long as it is done in an employees own time such as a break. Employees have the right to post what they want to on their pages as it is their right, and employers should not try to block that.

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