• Employers should be able to read employee emails

    It is my opinion that employers should have the right to read their employee's emails. I feel that any email an employee sends from their work email should be expressly related to their work in some capacity. There should be a difference between personal and professional email accounts, and the employer should have the right to monitor this for each employee.

  • Yes, I don't believe employees have a right to privacy where company emails are concerned

    If the email address was granted from the employer to the employee strictly for work purposes then yes I believe that the employer has the right to monitor the employees messages. I think there should be limits imposed and should generally be used to monitor illegal activity and not used to punitively punish employees for common issues i.e. complaining about the boss ect.

  • Employers should be able to read their employee's email.

    It is fair for employers to be able to read the email accounts associated with their companies. Employees know that this is possible, and they should be careful not to use their work related email accounts for anything unprofessional. People should be careful how they behave in the work place.

  • It builds distrust.

    No, employers should not be able to read their employee's email, because employees cannot work effectively if they believe that someone is looking over their shoulder. Employees should have the confidence that they can work in peace, and not be micromanaged by their employers. Employers should do more important things than snoop on their employees.

  • Not Personal Emails

    I believe if an employee needs to utilize an e-mail service while working then the employer should provide that account. Furthermore, I believe employees should only use those accounts for work related purposes. When this is done, employers should be allowed and retain the right to read every email in that account. Employers should not have access to an employees private e-mail accounts, even if they require them to use them for business purposes.

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