Should employers be allowed to ask for social media passwords?

  • Anyone has the right to ask for Passwords

    Any employer has the right to ask for any usernames or passwords. They may not however force already employed peoples to do this. They may not get the passwords but they can sure ask for it. If I was asked for my passwords I would go look for work somewhere else.

  • No, it's bad practice

    I wouldn't stand for it as an employee, an employer has no right to that and I'd be walking if I was required to hand it over. If employees need to give an employer their password, the employer should have to give theirs up to. It's a kind of statement of ownership that is really unwelcome.

  • No way!! Make it illegal.

    The Goverment should put in a law so no employer is not allowed to ask for a password or consider it when choosing when being employed (Like being pregnant). There are passwords for a reason so your account can't be stolen and a employer has no right to access someone's social network. Make it illegal now!!

  • What does the information on your Facebook prove about you as an employee?

    What information about your hobbies, family life, activities or anything else of a personal nature prove about your value as a potential employee? The employer's window into who you are as a professional is and should be the interview and your resume only. If I get pickled every weekend to the point that I can't stand up straight, that is no concern of the employer unless it actually impacts performance.

  • They have no right

    Its none of their business what employees do when on social media sites, or who they talk to about what. They are their boss at work , not of their life. If they do not trust their employees in the first place maybe they should let them go and hire someone they do trust.

  • Over the line

    I've yet to come across an employer that has required this of me, but the moment one did I would be walking out their door for the last time. It's none of their business what goes on with your social media accounts, we disregard privacy enough without condoning this practice.

  • No, that's too far

    Asking employee's or possible employee's for access to their social media is crossing a line. Nobody should have access to another person's personal accounts. If they are concerned about what time of person is working for them they can get a background check done, anything they need to know will show up there.

  • Of course not...

    But the reports of this I've heard regarding this brand of invasion are centered around high security, Federal and other jobs where sensitive info could be leaked accidentally on purpose.

    Others in a more weasly way want to ambush you and take a good peek at who you really are before offering the job.

    Its easily solved... "I dont use Facebook"

  • Absolutely freaking not

    Your password for anything should be forced to be given. I dont care who you are. That is like asking to read someone if they can regularly go through your phone who is applying to be work for you. It is totally a invasion of privacy and pretty sure it is against the law. Boom

  • Going to Far

    What is next, employers knowing your private thoughts?
    Employers are entitled to see how you are performing and there are numerous ways to monitor someone production. What you do in your personal time is your own business.
    Businesses are not in the business of being moral police. That is counter productive

  • My personal life should not merge into my work life

    What I do in my spare time has no direct correlation with what I do at work (unless I come into work high or drunk). As long as I am fit to work for you, that's all that matters. Besides, giving my password to you would allow you to not only access my page, but also change it and access all of my information.

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