Should employers be allowed to deny their employees contraception coverage?

  • Only some Catholic organizations should be given this option.

    Organizations such as Catholic churches should never be required to offer birth control. Specifically in a Catholic church, the employees are supposed to be of the Catholic faith and offering birth control would be against their religion.

    However, just because an organization is owned by a Catholic or has Catholic roots, they should not have this option since the Catholic faith is not a prerequisite for employment.

  • It should be covered.

    The only argument I hear by these companies is that the company is against contraception due to religious moral reasons. They should have to provide it, and if their employees are religious and pure, then they wont need to use their insurance to cover it. So, its on the employees to decide if they use it. But it must be covered.

  • Nope

    Employers should be allowed to frown upon it all they'd like, their views are their views, but this is pushing their views upon somebody else. That has no place in the workplace, regarding contraception or anything else. If you provide healthcare, too bad, contraception is part of it and you need to deal with it.

  • Employers Must Not Deny Contraception Coverage to Their Employees

    Our government has always separated 'Church and State' and since employment has nothing to do with religion, an employer should not be allowed to deny contraception coverage to its employees. This decision is a religious decision and has no place at work, where people of many different religions may be employed. Our great nation prides itself on its diversity and because of that diversity, we cannot give importance to a particular religious opinion. For that reason, it would not be just for an employer to deny birth control coverage to its employees.

  • NO

    You can't deny your employee certain forms of coverage when it would normally be covered just because of your personal opinion.

    It doesn't really directly effect you in any way to have to offer them contraception coverage, only passively by making you keep it available. If you don't like contraception, you don't have to use it, and just offering the availability of it doesn't really effect you one way or another all that much. Letting you dictate whether they get it as part of the their health insurance directly effects their lives and available choices.

  • No, They Need to Stay Out of the Doctor's Office

    Employers should have no say in what kind of health care an employee gets. They do not get to say how you should spend your income on your own time, even if they object for moral reasons. Employees have privacy rights and the companies that hire them need to respect that especially when it comes to health care decisions.

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