Should employers be allowed to subject employees to mandatory drug testing?

  • Business exists to make money

    The sole purpose of any business ever that was created at any time in history for the sole purpose of ever, was for the owner to make fat stacks of cash, or for the formal people, accumulate large amounts of profit. So, if you have a methhead who works at lets say cinnabun, how would you expect to make money if the dude is either going to be high or going through withdrawals and be picking their skin away? Or going to a lesser degree, if you show up to work stoned, some people who don't think weed is good thing will want to shop at your place, thus making you as the business owner lose money, defeating the purpose of having a business in the first place.

    Posted by: TFM
  • Many jobs already do it.

    Many companies already do it. I believe that it helps define how much you can trust an employee. If an employee is using illegal drugs, how do you know that they will not steal from you, lie to you, or be a responsible person? These are all requirements of a good employee. You don't deserve a job, you must market yourself as if you are a product. If one of the requirements of their wanted employee is that you submit yourself to a drug test, then, if you want the job, you do it. If you don't like it, not all companies require them and you can apply for them.

    Personally, I don't think anyone who is unable to pass a basic drug test should working for any company that I would own.

  • Its unsafe putting aside privacy or money costs

    When people are taking drugs and are high or drowsy how do you expect them to do a good job let alone a safe job. Would you feel comfortable knowing that your surgeon who is working on you, your relative, and or your own child was high on drugs? What about transportation like a bus driver driving a bus filled with 30 children or so. So what it costs 100 dollars per person, you really think that your life or your childs is worth less than a 100 dollars.

  • I say no bc what is it any of there people problem if u do anything on your own time

    .Did you know that the ACLU has been fighting for employees because it is an violation and unwarranted drug testing.Many employees and ACLU think that drug testing the employees is a violation of the worker privacy and rights.So that why i say that it none of there business what the emploeey dose

  • What you do at home doesn't always translate to what you do at work.

    If someone drinks at home, it doesn't mean they drink on the job. It's a violation of privacy. Your work and your personal lives should not intersect if you don't want them to. No one should be forced to reveal what they do at home just to keep their jobs.

  • Past drug use is not an indicator of poor job performance

    Employment drug testing is a moral test, and should be eliminated. An employer can have a rule that no employee may be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during work, and that is enough to solve any issue of job performance. You do not get to dictate how people behave on the weekends if it does not affect how they work. There are plenty of brilliant people with amazing work habits who use marijuana regularly for many reasons, and they perform better while high, and to that end there are many companies that realize drug testing isn't helping them get the best employees for the job.

  • I say no based on privacy and freedom standards need to be better in American. The "land of the free" what a load of crap.

    It's not my job nor is it someone else job to tell me what I can do with my free time. Unless there paying me 24/7. Anyone who supports drug testing doesn't fully believe in freedom. They believe in imposing there beliefs on others. If people could learn to stay out of each other business this world would be a better place.

  • No no no

    They should not be able to. That is what supervisors are there for. It should be obvious if somebody is taking drugs during work. What a person does out of the work place is none of their business. It is a total violation of their privacy. We are not their property.

  • No, they should not be allowed to do that.

    No, the work the employee does should be the only thing that matters. If a drug user does their job well then the company should not care, or intrude on the workers personal life. If they are obviously under the influence while at work, then it is reasonable to fire them. Weed, and some other drugs, even help most workers to be more productive, as long as they are not under the influence at that time.

  • If they want to waste money.

    Pushing aside all the legal and ethical issues, drug testing of any kind inevitably costs more than it saves. That should be reason alone not to do it. My own pet theory as to why this practice not only persists but is expanding is that its a pure power trip for the corporate bosses. There are some who would argue that that kind of intimidation increases productivity; which i doubt.

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