Should employers be considerably worried about employee engagement during a time of recession?

  • Engagement is not a management technique, it is about Leadership.

    In times of recession engagement is even more critical than in times of abundance. Engagement at all levels. Great leaders are going to lead when the chips are down and be respected and trusted for that, that respect and trust translate into engaged workers.

    Engagement is not something that is 'about the job', it is about the organization. Work is work... being excited about work and excited to come in each day is engagement, even if you're digging ditches.

  • Employers should be concerned about employee engagement at all times because it increases productivity.

    Employee engagement is an important thing, no matter how the economy is doing. Employers should never take their employees for granted, as they could find themselves with many resignations as soon as the economy recovers. Moreover, happy employees are good employees who are more productive and better for the company. There is no downside to more employee engagement.

    Posted by: babyuniqh
  • They need to keep good employees because the recession will end and they will find better jobs.

    During a recession employees tend to hold onto their jobs and wait to transfer. Employers should engage their employees throughout any type of economy because good employees who are not treated well will look for better positions once the economy stabilizes. Talent and experience will leave the company and cost more to recruit and retrain comparable replacements.

    Posted by: TerrificNeil57
  • Employees, as well as employers, feel extra stress in times of recession, and it is important to be honest to employees about their position in the company.

    Recession puts a squeeze on everyone. Most employees are aware that times like these also put a pinch on the wallets of their employers. Not only do the employed worry about makes ends meet, but whether or not their employer can continue to employ them. Pay cuts are also a big worry during recessions. All this uncertainty can take a toll on moral and productivity in the workplace.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43
  • Yes, because I believe employers should certainly be worried about everything that deals with employees during a recession.

    Workers who are fully engaged with their jobs and enthusiastic about doing their work certainly do much better work. Should a worker be constantly afraid of losing their job, it definitely inhibits their work performance. Many people find it hard to do a job properly when they are more concerned about keeping their job, rather than getting it done.

    Posted by: P05hyDaII
  • Employers shouldn't hire new employees when a recession may prevent them from paying the employees that they already have.

    During a recession, many companies are forced to let employees go. Although companies may consider engaging new employees at lower salaries, that may be disruptive to the company atmosphere, as older and more experienced employees may feel concerned or threatened. Also, during a recession, companies should probably be cautious, rather than risk-takers, and after they have ridden out the recession, they can begin hiring new employees. Furthermore, what reason might companies have for employing new employees? If they are expanding their business, it might be best to lay the groundwork during the recession with the expertise of their current employees, and to begin implementation after the recession has ended.

    Posted by: R3idHuIk
  • I agree that employers should always be considerably worried about employee engagement, even in times where it may be difficult for them to find a job.

    Productivity is the key to any company. Companies should worry about employee engagement at all times, the company can't suffer for the hardship it would be for individuals to find a new job. Especially in times of recession it would be easy to find new, more productive employees. If people were really concerned about losing their job they would perform to the best of their capabilities in all types of situations. If you're not willing to do that, you don't deserve a stable job.

    Posted by: boobop
  • Employers should always be worried about employee engagement, even when they might feel the worker can't go anywhere else because there are no jobs.

    There's a tendency during a slow economy for employers to stop caring as much about employee engagement and retention. After all, where else can an employee go? However, it is still important in terms of productivity and having a well-run office. Productivity is all the more important in a downturn, especially in sales and marketing.

    Posted by: C0urtIight
  • Employers should be considerably worried about employee engagement during a time of recession, because employee morale will affect production, which will ultimately decide the company's fate.

    Employees will undoubtedly worry about the state of their own employment during a time of recession, and it is the company's responsibility to to engage with their employees. By the company staying engaged with their employees, morale will remain in check, which will ensure that production does not dip. If production by any one employee lowers, the company will not only have to worry about the state of their company due to the recession, but also worry about the internal state of their company.

    Posted by: P0rtGutsy
  • Retaining top notch employees should be a priority.

    Retaining top-notch employees should always be a priority for an employer and keeping the employee engaged in interesting and meaningful tasks lets the employee know that you are concerned for their professional welfare. It builds loyalty and trust on the part of the employee who will want to work for a company that treats their employees well in good times and in bad.

    Posted by: barryboi
  • I think employers should be able to have employee engagement, but only on a reasonable time frame.

    This is just my belief, but I don't think anyone should be able to tell you what you can and can not do. However, I do not think people should just abuse the right of doing it. It should be done timely and orderly, and only when it is appropriate.

    Posted by: HellishJamaal61
  • I think employers do not have to worry about employee engagement as much during a recession because employees will value their jobs far more than they would in a less competitive job market.

    I think employees probably have the highest employee engagement levels during a recession when they can truly feel grateful for their job and are probably thinking less about other opportunities.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Employers need not be concerned with employee engagement during a recession, as worker productivity increases when employees fear layoffs.

    During a recession, layoffs and company closings are common. Employee productivity increases during a recession, as employees tend to be fearful of losing a job and not finding another. Employers need not be concerned about employee engagement during a recession, because of the increased productivity based on fear of job loss.

    Posted by: HugeGilberto52
  • Employees will be highly engaged during a recession.

    Employee productivity rose during the recessionary years of 2008 and 2009. This was not due to heavy capital investment. It was not completely attributable to software improving productivity, which has started to stall as software has saturated every corner of the market. The reason was employees working longer hours and harder while at work. They worked harder for fear of losing their jobs, to ensure that they kept their jobs, or to avoid pay cuts. Employees are highly engaged during a recession, if only out of fear or worry. Engagement is a worry when someone may not be interested in their job or looking elsewhere. During a recession, employees are very interested in their current job and look elsewhere before realizing that there is no where else to go right now.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Employers shouldn't be worried, they should use it to their advantage.

    During a recession, many employees would be worried about their jobs. Therefore, they should encourage employee engagement to strengthen the company. Companies should take the recession as an opportunity to increase their worker's interest and desire in their job, workplace environment, Employee engagement should be a positive thing. We want employees to be engaged!

    Posted by: R34d3Homey
  • During a recession, that is when employees tend to be more engaged because they can't afford to lose their job.

    When times are tough especially during a recession, employees tend to work harder due to the fear of losing their jobs. This is a huge plus for a company and this is the time to take advantage of getting things accomplished. Employees are willing to go the extra mile to get a job done or to help others. If one loses their job, then their family will suffer and they will feel like failures.

    Posted by: ladiil0caz

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