Should employers be required to grant paternity leave to men?

  • Yes, I think that employers should have to at least offer paternity leave.

    After the baby is born it is an essential time for the parents to create a lasting bond with the child. The mother is also going to need time to heal, and if the employer offered the fathers time off they will be able to help with the baby while the mother rests. If there was a company that offered a soon to be father paternity leave and a company that didn't, I'm quite sure he would choose the company that would allow him the time off to spend with his newborn child.

  • Mmmmm yes they totally need paternity leave

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  • Yes, dads need time too

    When a new baby comes it's great that moms get to stay at home for a few weeks with it but dads never get the same chance. Dads want to spend time with their new little one just as much as moms. Plus the moms will need all the help they can get so having the dad available for a few extra weeks would benefit the family which would then benefit the company once the new dad returned. A happy worker is a productive worker afterall.

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  • Yes I think employers should be required to grant paternity leave

    Men have their own issues to deal with when it comes to being a dad, and in a way have it even harder than the mother does. I say that because not only do they have to help care for the newborn baby, but also care for the mother as well as she recovers from giving birth. So yeah I think it's only right to give men the same right to leave the job as the woman gets, they both need time together to adjust to being parents and having a family in my opinion.

  • Yes Employers Should Be Required to Grant Paternity Leave to Men

    Employers should be required to grant paternity leave to men for a shorter duration than women receive in order to help men settle into their new roles as fathers, or for the same duration in the case that they will be the primary caretakers. Men need time to adjust to their new roles as well and it will be beneficial for families and thus work productivity in the long run if men are given time at the arrival of a new family member.

  • yes

    When a couple has a child, that child is both the father's and the mother's. Sometimes, women also hold jobs and go back to work sooner than expected, but the family may not be able to afford a nanny or sitter. Men should be granted paternity leave because bonding with both parents is also necessary to the positive development of a child. The mother obviously has more physical issues and would need more time off, but paternity leave should be required for necessary bonding time and care of the mother; at least 1-2 weeks should be the law.

  • Yes

    The child is equally theirs and both parents need to take responsibility for their child.

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