Should Employers Be Required to Provide Health Insurance Coverage for Contraceptive Services and Supplies?

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  • Employers Should Be Allowed to Provide Whatever Insurance Coverage They Want

    Employers should have the freedom to provide whatever type of insurance is in line with their conscience. Employers should have the same freedom to choose the type of insurance they provide and employees should have the freedom to choose the employer they would like to work for. If an employee wants insurance that provides a different coverage then their employer, they have the right to seek different employment or purchase additional coverage.

  • Although contraception should be legal for everyone, employers should not pay for it

    Contraception is something that everyone deserves to have access to, but does not necessarily imply that health insurance services should provide for it. Contraception is used when the person expects to be having sex, and does not fall under the realm of health insurance. Those who choose to use contraception should pay for it themselves.

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