Should employers cut their employee's hours to avoid paying their health insurance under Obamacare?

  • Of course but I would prefer they didn't...

    I would like to say no they shouldn't but each company makes decisions based on remaining solvent and profits. If all companies were forced to buy healthcare many would go out of business. All entities have to consider their bottom line, money doesn't grow on trees. The government makes these decisions also when deciding what to fund or not, though they are less discriminate about their spending cuz its our money their spending and we have to pay the bill !

  • Yes, employers are welcome to cut their workers' hours.

    Every business has the same goal, to make a profit. If a business is not able to make a profit, it needs to re-evaluate its strategies and determine a better way to move forward. Some businesses may find that they simply cannot afford to pay their workers healthcare. If that is the case, then the responsible choice for them would be to ensure that no employee exceeds the minimum threshold.

  • Why will this affect the cost of the employer's health care?

    They're already paying for health care for full-time employees so how is the AHCA going to cost them more? Seems to me their part-time employees will be able to afford their own insurance through this new plan so it's a win/win for the company. At the very least, all the employees will have coverage which takes the strain off the rest of us who have to pay for those with no insurance.

  • Insurance for part timers?

    Many older workers who cannot find full time work are trying to get by on one or more part time jobs.
    I am too young for Medicare and had my hours cut from 35 to 25, I was told so I wouldnt be entitled to company insurance. Big pay cut!

  • No.

    While there are arguments to be made about the small companies that cannot afford to pay dozens of employees healthcare and all that stuff, they are, sadly enough, largely irrelevant. The vast majority of corporations are the ones who will try to save pennies by cutting employees hours to avoid the obligation to provide healthcare.

  • No, employee hours should not be cut.

    Everyone needs health insurance, and there are already an overwhelming number of people in the country who are under-insured or have no health insurance. Cutting employee hours also means less income for employees, which will make health insurance much less affordable. This is not beneficial at all, especially with people who have families to take care of.

  • No, but they will

    Plenty of employers have histories of distributing hours in a way that make their employers fall short of required benefits, it's not a new practice. This will be to avoid different, new benefits, but it won't be uncharted territory by any means. They shouldn't do it and it's very disrespectful and ungrateful behavior, but many will.

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