Should employers have the right to pay disabled workers according to their abilities, with no bottom limit to the wage?

  • People should be paid exactly what they're worth, nothing more, nothing less

    If a disabled worker can't hack it at work he should be fired. But since that will never happen in this sue happy, politically correct nightmare of a nation they'll be paid exactly the same wage as someone who's three times more productive. Oh well, that's what we get for allowing liberals to overtake the country.

  • Case By Case

    I too will probably get slammed. Here is my argument. Most people with disabilities are getting help from SSDI. So, why should I, as a retail worker, have to do double duty every shift I work trying to juggle two jobs? That is not fair to me either. In all actuality, we are probably making the same, or them, more than I. If they actually needed the help, I would have no problem. I have complete apathy and support for those that are trying to help themselves and give an effort. Unfortunately, in my experience, it is more due to laziness. They are never at their register and off floating around the store. I am constantly having to run back and forth between Customer Service and the registers to pick up the slack or fix mistakes, this is really fun when it's the holiday season. As for my background, I have had neck surgery where they had to cut through several discs to get to a tumor that crushed my 8th sensory nerve. My neck is titanium, I look like Frankenstein inside, complete with the screws in the side of the neck. I am in severe pain, all day everyday from the nerve damage. My doctor has told me to go on disability. I can't afford the wait of being out of work for however long it is to qualify. I also don't want a fixed income. (BTW, not looking for an ounce of sympathy, it is what it is and I have learned to live with it. Just saying, I'm doing it and having to do double duty.) So yes, it is irritating when I suck up the pain and then have to work two jobs whenever we have the same shift. No, they do not deserve the same pay. The ones that can work and strive hard to, do deserve it. Unfortunately, I think a lot have been taught to play the card, from what I have seen. Which is too bad because they are capable of doing much more. Then there is the foul, entitled, disrespectful attitudes to both co-workers and customers, which is always a joy to deal with, especially when it is an upset customer. This is why they should be paid for what they are capable of. I do also believe they should be matched up with what they are capable of. As far as Goodwill having blind workers sort clothes, that is setting someone up to fail. They would probably do much better on a register that is accommodated with Braille. So, there is that too.

  • You can't cheat

    A wage floor is not based on any sound economic principles.

    Any lack in wages by the disabled should be made up for with simple welfare and avoid interference with the labor market.

    A minimum wage for disabled workers unless coupled with mandates to hire them will simply cheat them out of negotiating ability. Employers will not hire the disabled for equal wages simply because they are less productive.

  • Yes and no

    I dont think they should be fired per-say but I do agree with people being paid according to their ability. Now before I get attacked for being insensitive to disabled persons I'm not talking about just them. EVERYONE should be paid according to their abilities. It would fix a lot of problems on the work place and would finally be fair to those who work harder then others. Lets say you got some guy at work who's just a stelar all around great employe who works his rear off all the time. Is it fair he gets paid the same as the slacker that's late to work all the time, only puts our the bear minimum and gets caught sleeping in the bathroom during work hours? No not exactly right. But because of this touch feely make everyone happy society we live in now and political correct BS we have to make everyone happy and we can't upset anyone's feelings. It's just not right. I think there should be some form of minimum wage so disabled people and the slackers are making more then a buck but it shouldn't be up near all the workers who work their butts off. This would also cause people to work harder and increase productivity in the work place and we all know this is a good thing. This would happen because now everyone has a reason to compete. Now instead of everyone being guaranteed the same pay check as everyone else you actually have to work hard to get your check and if you want to be paid more you HAVE to work harder. You'll be competing with your fellow employes and everyone will be trying to prove themselves more then the others. Win for the employe who gets paid more and win for the employer who gets better workers and better productivity.

  • Not fair to the disabled

    In most cases, it isn't your fault your disabled. Why should you have to suffer a life of a poor economy because an employer deems your worthiness based on your disability. You probably possess many abilities that are worthy. It isn't required to hire disabled individuals where a reasonable accommodation does not or cannot exist. Therefore, yes, you might have to make a few accommodations but you're giving someone, an American citizen, an opportunity and I bet you many disabled people can work to serve your customers (or do whatever you wish them to do), just as well as any other employer. YES, some disabled employees will suck but that's work ethic and that affects every class of people.

    (Meanwhile, I've been so blessed to work with some disabled individuals in my work career. Yes, some were terrible and used it as an excuse. But the majority of them...Wow, they were amazing workers!)

  • Only if some other source funds the difference

    Unless another source (such as SSDI) makes up for the difference such that the person can live reasonably, employers should have to pay at least minimum wage. But then again, if an employee's disability is truly reducing his productivity in the workplace to the point that minimum wage is far-fetched, shouldn't that "employee" be declared completely disabled and receive some form of welfare from the government?

  • No, if they work to little, fire them.

    If your employer gives someone to little, they are likley to find a job elsewhere. So if they don't work hard enough fire them. Also, the rich grows, and the poor shrinks. It creates an big inbalance. This is how debt happens. Capatilism. Capatilism, only gives some people the chance, not everyone.

  • Discriminatory and unfair

    If there's no bottom limit to the wages that employers will pay disabled workers, they will be unnecessarily taken advantage of and will be exploited by business owners tremendously. In times of recession cost cutting is the way to go for many business owners and they will immediately take advantage of the lack of clear guidelines for employing disabled workers. This is simply unfair and extremely unethical to say the least. What if you lose a hand tomorrow in an accident and are now disabled? Are you okay with receiving very little payments for the work that you've actually worked harder to finish than your able counterparts?

    Posted by: Aish

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