• Employers and Affordable Health Care

    Employers should keep health care affordable for every employee because if an employee or one of their family members get sick, that means time off of work is needed to get better. In turn the employer would have to invest money on training or hiring someone else to fill the sick employee' position. It would be a smart choice to have affordable coverage for workers now so later on the employer would save money.

  • Yes, employers should keep their employee health care plans affordable.

    Employers should keep their health care plan affordable for their employees. It is mandatory that everyone have some sort of insurance in the United States. How can this be possible if a person cannot afford the insurance that is offered to them by the place they work? If a business cannot afford to provide insurance for its employees then perhaps it shouldn't be in business.

  • Yes, Employers should keep employee health care affordable.

    Yes, Employers should keep employee health care affordable. Health care is the most important benefit, besides a salary, that an employer can offer. To do anything but keep health care affordable would be unacceptable and would cause the American economy to falter badly. Providing affordable health care will help to keep America strong.

  • Yes, they should

    Employers should keep their health care plans affordable else more and more people will leave such schemes and have no health care plans as they cannot afford the rising prices. Price increases are acceptable if they are very gradual and over a long period of time allowing peple to adjust to an increase

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