• Why shouldn't they?

    People represent a company and a company doesn't want to represented in a bad way. People could lie on their app., they could be posting illegal content, anything. A company doesn't want to be connected to that. If someone isn't mature enough to know what content is appropriate for social media then maybe they aren't mature/ ready for the job.

  • No this is so stupid

    Monitoring an employee is like judging them on their preference of gender or their race, both of which is still used by companies and other workplaces, even though it DOES NOT change anything in their ability to be productive and beneficial to the workspace. As long as they work it shouldn't matter that much

  • Yes i do

    If you dont want us to see it dont post it.And we need to acsees your social media to see if we should hire you or fire you.Dont post stuff like you doing drugs,drinking,or doing any wrong or un holy behavior so do right and post good things im jalen and goodnight

  • I think they should

    The reality is that they do monitor employees' social media. It may not be the best thing, but social media is social, and therefore not private. Things employees post can, at times, reflect poorly on a company especially if they are sexist, racist, or homophobic. Also posting photos of certain behaviors, eg excessive drinking do not look so good.

  • Employers should monitor employees' social media

    Employers should monitor their employees' social media because doing could possibly protect other employees. It has been reported in many fatal incidents that a employee or student made negative comments on their social media before making attacks on their peers. Employers also need to ensure their investment and resources (the employee) be working to a capacity that provides excellent services internally and externally. Good service does not seem obtainable if an employee is always on their social media account.

  • Employees represent their employer.

    If you work for a company, your views and actions can sometimes reflect badly upon your employer, and possibly damage their reputation. I think companies have a right to keep an eye on what their employees are getting up to online, and what they are saying and posting online to social media, to weed out employees who have the potential to damage the company.

  • Social media should be used

    It is proper for employers to monitor their employees social media in order to protect their company from bad things that could occur. The employees know that their social media is being watched so they need to be very careful with what they put on the web for people to see.

  • It’s getting them fired

    Some jobs there like waiting tables and there teenagers teenagers need to ve more free cause they act different at work they should be able to post somewhat of what they want and not be stalked that’s a little weird. All of these people are being watched and they do t know it.

  • Its my right what i want to be or do

    A person's work place has no connection to the social media.....
    At most cases the profile shows what the person wants to be or what he thinks "cool"...... And come on ....Its my profile... On one has the right to assess it an infringe my freedom of choice... Adding to it..... What is the point of social media if i can't expresss my opinions outwardly....................My prof is not an advertisement to damage the company's reputation

  • Social media not used at work on company equipment, in own time.

    Ok, don't state who you are employed by, you make NO remarks about your employer, just on your profile who you work for. You use twitter and they see a few porn photos, all legal, nothing personal at all, they ask you to remove the company name, which you do straight away,you then find they have accessed a password protected website and start disciplinary action, what about your rights? All the comments are one way, the employers favour, when its you, what are you rights? Care how much you erode your right to privacy and judgement, because that's is what they are doing.

  • No, this is ridiculous.

    The thing with social media is that people should be free there to speak about whatever they want. If a company doesn't like what a person talks about, too bad. You don't want this stuff exposed, then don't talk about it. This is one of the most ridiculous things a company can do.

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