• It's less expensive.

    Yes, EMT/EMS services should be privatized, because they can provide the same service to the people at a lower cost. Also, when it is privatized, if someone doesn't pay, it's not the expense of the taxpayers. A private service can also more effectively deal with bad employees, and fire those who should not be working.

  • EMT/EMS services should not be privatized.

    EMT/EMS services should not be privatized. EMT/EMS services should be a public service which is accessible to all of the public equally. If EMT/EMS services are privatized, there may be a biased method of services which responds more frequently to wealthy individuals than to poor individuals. Individuals with no insurance would be discriminated against by EMT/EMS services.

  • No, I don't think EMT/EMS serviecs should be privatized.

    I think emergency services such as EMT/EMS should be public and funded by the Government, I think that these services are something the Government should have control of instead of relying on a private company to be able to perform, I think overall we should not change to private emergency services.

  • Not at all

    People need to be able to have an EMS person come to their house and not be worried about having to deal with competing companies. This is a waste of resources and there only needs to be on EMT service provided by the state. I think privatizing it would be wrong.

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