• They should bring in capital punishment

    -it saves money by not having to pay for security, food, clothes ect.
    -prisons are becoming over crowded
    -then the murders cant kill again or rapist can rape again etc.
    -money saved that can be used to save the lives of people worth while eg military healthcare, and education etc
    -deters people from doing crimes that can send you to death

  • England Should Bring Back Capital Punishment

    England should bring back Capital Punishment for certain crimes, including crimes that would otherwise incur life sentences, for two reasons. First, because capital punishment would act as an economic deterrent against possible criminals as it would make the opportunity cost a lot higher, since without capital punishment they still would be able to live out their lives, and thus would deter people. Second, capital punishment makes more economic sense than life imprisonment, as the criminal doesn't produce anything, but lives off of the expense of the country.

  • It is needed for punishment

    If a vey bad man killed someone you should easily kill that very bad man back he deserves it because he should kill for a kill just like an eye for an eye this statement concludes my correct statement of a man getting killed for killing someone thank you and goodbye.

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  • It's a sense of Justice.

    There are many points on why Capitol Punishment should be brought back, and I only need to name a few.

    First of all, there is the fact that technology has improved since when Capitol Punishment was banned, this WILL result with more accurate and dependable information, so that mistakes are less likely to happen.

    Second of all, there is a quote in the bible "eye for eye, tooth for tooth" which was spoken by God as a figurative command in the Old Testament, indicating that what the person has done, deserves the crime done upon one self.

    Third point, murderers are not worthy of being called humans. They have ignored one of the main rights, and honestly, because of that, why should we acknowledge their rights?

    Nevertheless, if the criminals were released from prison, they wouldn't have a life anyway. It would be difficult for them to find a job, to gain a stable life. What you are forcing them to do is to be locked up away from their family, away from society, and giving them a longer, more painful death. So who is more humane?

    Lastly, I would like to state that statistics were kept for the first five years that Capitol Punishment was suspended in Britain and there showed a 125% rise in murders that would have attracted a death sentence.

    Those are only some reasons why Capitol punishment should be brought back, so think for a minute. It's either allowing a murderer out into the streets, where innocent children may be, or taking away a person who can kill and who will kill.

  • I am a waffler

    No we should not bring it back because the volume of the triangle times by the surface area of the square equals the density of water which is why lemons are purple and the sky is green and why africa is in asia
    that's why we should not bring it back

  • Its inhuman, INHUMAN.

    Its absolutely VILE to kill someone for a wrongdoing, And what if they are INNOCENT? You can't just bring someone back to life now can you?
    Was man made to kill others for a mistake? No.
    If you think yes then maybe you should think that if you are in a country that allows this to happen, And YOU get sentenced by the police while your innocent, What would you do? Furthermore if you get a DEATH sentence and it wasn't your fault, What would you do then?

    Ty and goodbye.

  • Nooooo Noooo Nooooo

    It is bad. Very, very bad. Do u want to be on that side on the left? Clearly not. Imagine being falsely accused. U think oh maybe i would still be alive if I voted no. No. U did not. This is a disgraceful act that will be controlled. 1+1=2

  • A totalitarian punishment.

    Capital punishment is the kind of punishment employed by totalitarian societies. Why? Because when people say or do things the government don't want them to say or do, then the death penalty is usually the best solution for the government. Once the government has the power over the life of its citizens, it becomes a totalitarian country.
    Furthermore, the death penalty has been shown numerous times to have little to no effects on the people committing the crimes. I quote George Calin in saying: "You shouldn't use the death penalty on drug dealers, they aren't scared of dying [...] Use it on people who are scared of dying, like the bankers who launder the drug money [...] Then you'll see those streets clear up pretty quick."

  • We have reached a point of civilization when we don't need things like this

    Capital punishment. We have forever wondered if we should or should not re-introduce it. What I think is not to. There are many reasons why we should not but there are reasons why we should.
    My first reason I would start off with is how we have reached a point of civilisation when we don’t need to kill anyone. Since 1998 we were at the point when we no longer needed to execute someone. We have thought through how to fix the mental issues that a person has, we have enough technology to stop prisoners from breaking free and killing people.

  • Definitely not, immoral?

    Capital Punishment is simply hypocritical, immoral, unjust and a huge waste of the valuable human commodity. Capital Punishment is an essential justification of killing with more killing that I cannot understand as punishment. Granted, it certainly does protect society from certain criminals but at a cost which should be considered in the total argument. People are worth a lot: in society, in production and expelling their life is a huge waste, cost-wise as well as in fairness.

  • No, no, no.

    Capital punishment is a barbaric and cruel way of dealing with criminals, and everybody deserves to live, no matter what they have done. End of. Even if you take away another person's right to live, doesn't mean you should lose your own.
    "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

  • Why should the State be able to kill?

    The state should absolutely not be given the authority to determine an individual's life and death. Being Libertarian I believe the government's role should be minimal and although I think we should be harsh on criminals I don't think execution is the solution. I see why one might want the death penalty but if you really think about it we risk taking an innocent's life every time it happened as you can never fully know if a criminal is guilty.

  • Capital punishment fails to deter and rehabilitate

    The use of capital punishment goes against human rights and our right to live, and it fails to act as a deterrent. Research was conducted across the United States to detect whether capital punishment acted as a deterrent or not. Statistics proved that death penalty states have a higher murder rate than non-death penalty states, proving that even though parts of America still enforce capital punishment, this fails to deter criminals and future criminals. Maybe is this because the method of execution is lethal injection? The lethal injection has proved to be painless, the criminals are put to sleep before the lethal injection is injected into the criminal. Why publicize capital punishment to be so calm and pain free when the government want to reduce murder rates. Capital punishment also fails to rehabilitate criminals, the idea of rehabilitation is to mentally adjust the criminal and give them a good standing with society. Capital punishment refutes this as execution ends the criminals life, it doesn't give them any chance to repent or show any remorse. Therefore, capital punishment should not be reinstated into the UK.

  • Capital Punishment is NOT an effective deterrent

    The main argument presented by people who agree with the death penalty is that it would serve as a deterrent, since it's worse than a life sentence. However, there are many other, much more humane, ways to "deter" people from committing crimes, such as increasing the police officers / population rate, investing in the education and training of the police force, seeing prison time as a way to rehabilitate prisoners rather than simply punish them, etc.

    Countries such as Switzerland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Luxembourg, Japan, Ireland, Iceland and Cyprus have some of the lowest recorded crime rates in the world. In none of them is there capital punishment.
    This proves that capital punishment is absolutely not necessary to achieve a low crime rate. Countries with high crime rates, such as the USA and the UK, should turn their gaze to and learn from other nations who have had more success in this matter.

    In addition to that, it must be said that the death penalty sets an extremely bad example, as has been said already.

    Capital punishment is a violation of human rights and it's only a matter of time until it is globally abolished. For England to bring it back would be a step back in time, which I am confident will not be taken.

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