• England considering new advanced grid

    The electrical grid is outdated in almost every country, especially in the US. Restructuring the electrical safety guidelines would be a prime opportunity to increase safety while also saving the citizens as much as 10% power loss. Each country that uses the American style grid is already wasting about 15% of the power of the grid simply due to it's inefficiencies. New grids, known informally as "smart grids," haven't been given a chance on a large scale because it would require a massive restructuring of everything electrical.

  • England should pay more for electrical safety

    I think if there are problems appearing in its electrical grid, England should pay to have them fixed. Even if it takes a big structural change in the operation, sometimes big prices have to be paid to have security and stability in the distribution of electricity to their customers all over the country.

  • They Have an Old System

    Yes, England should restructure their electrical safety laws because they have an old country with old infrastructure. Technology has outpaced growth in England and it's important that they keep their system up to date. Electrical fires are to blame for many deaths, even in the modern era. It's important to look at old codes and update them in order to keep people safe.

  • No, there is enough red tape already.

    With numbers of electrical related deaths falling all over the world the borderline obsessive application of more red tape to all sectors of society is slowly destroying rational living. With children spending more time in front of screens and parents paranoid about letting their children go outside do we really need more rules? I think we should first make sure that the current rules are applied before we go creating more.

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