• How Languages Must I Learn to Speak to my Fellow American?

    The language recognized by the federal government of America is English. 80% of America speaks English, 19% speaks Spanish, 1% speak French, German, and Chinese. Must I learn English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese to just to speak to a fellow American? Americans do not enter other countries and ask them to speak English. Neither should immigrants enter America and ask us to speak their native language. Immigrants originally came to America knowing they would have to learn a different language, english. It should continue to happen today.

  • Yes We Should

    English Is America's most commonly used language. We should be able to train everyone else in the country to be able to speak English, but imagine if it was Spanish or something! That would be almost impossible because so many people speak English. The most common language is the right one, but if someone cant or wont speak English, we cant force them.

  • What language should America be?

    If everyone speaks whatever language they want, why won't they just go back to their country? English is the common ground since the majority of the United States speaks English. Universities, schools and anything public is written and spoken to in English. So I really don't get why English shouldn't be the official language.

  • English should be America's official language.

    English should be America's official language. For years, people have spoken English in America. It's been part of the American identity for as long as America's been around. Why not make it a de jure language? It's been de facto for years. Literally 90% of everything in America is in English. Why not make it official?

  • It's A Free Country, People!

    If this is a free country, for people to move here they shouldn't have to have to learn English. They can speak whatever language they want, and for other people to understand them, they have to learn that language for themselves. People have a right to do what they want. And then whatever language is spoken the most, it can become the official language.

  • Why should it be only English

    America is a country for all everyone is individual and every one is free. It's a fact black and white people are the exact same. What doesn't make sense is why are we arguing about what language is allowed to be on america it's just another way to communicate with one anather

  • This Is 'Murica

    Well, american was founded to be the melting pot, meaning that there should be multible culteres with multible languages. They are trying to take away your rights of individual freedom. I think that they are trying to change us in ways that everyone is not comfortable with. America The Proud -MasterDebater

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