Should English be made the official language of the USA?

Asked by: General-Z
  • The citizenship test is given only in English for a reason

    School is taught only in English, unless you take a foreign language which is a requirement in order to graduate from high school. Our government conducts its business only in English. Our laws and our Constitution are written in English and multi generational Americans of all races and ethnic mixtures only speak English in the home.

  • Why isn't it already?

    The majority of the American population speaks English, academics are taught in English, road signs are in English, and even one's personal information in the US is English. Other developed nations in the world have official languages. For example, those who want to live in Japan must know Japanese and those who wish to live in France must know French, After all, how does someone expect to live in a country where they do not know the majority language? We live in a world where there is internet and books if you don't already know English! If you can afford to move your residency to another nation, then you can afford to learn English.

  • No! That's not needed

    For one every one in the united states is a foreigner.Unless you are a Native American and even so there language isn't English by choice, Or have you all forgotten that Christopher Columbus discover Americas in 1492. And that the Native Americans where here first. So y make English dominate when it wasn't here first.?? #NuffSaid

  • Freedom knows no limitations.

    Putting a language requirement takes that freedom to know a different languages away. America is a nation of immigrants from separate nations other than our own, so putting a limitation on that makes us more like Great Brittan, of who we broke away from. That is what I believe, and I believe it firmly.

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