Should English be standardized as the worldwide primary language?

  • Yes, it would benefit everyone.

    America is the metropolis of the world. I don't know that there's any other place where there's such a diverse variety of cultures. Most cultures have a stake in America. America, sort of, belongs to everyone. And, in America, English is the primary language. America is not just about physical land. The United States reaches all corners of the Earth. Just about every culture in the world would be served well if they could communicate effectively with The United States of America. What better way to communicate with someone than to learn their language? I think that the benefits would outweigh the losses if English were to be appointed the worldwide primary language.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • English is already the Worldwide primary language

    Business, trade, and the internet are all now primarily in English. If the rest of the world is to be able to adapt they have to instruct their people in English, which is what they are already doing. Denying English is just being stubborn and prideful, it's time to adjust to the 21st century.

  • This Is America

    If you don't conform, you suck.

  • Yes, because a primary worldwide language would be beneficial for international communication and commerce.

    English is already the de facto language of the Internet, and many foreign countries teach English as a second language as a mandatory subject. Also, because of the influence of Hollywood with respect to television and movies, many people learn how to speak English anyway. An international language is important to facilitate communication and trade. And as one that is frequently used already, English is the most appropriate choice.

    Posted by: SlyHymie
  • English should be global lanuage

    If a member from India goes to Europe and France, it becomes difficult for them to communicate with each other. So, if English would be the universal language it would be easy to communicate and there will be no religious fighting and everybody will stay in happy and harmony. Let's make English the common language

  • Base language for all to understand

    Important for all the world to be able to communicate. English is one of the biggest languages and would be better for people to understand it and be able to speak to others!! Its not to say that english is better but it is the universal language and should be taught and spoke especially by people who reside in America. It does not mean you can't be bilingual or speak what language you choose but when communicating with someone, its good to have a universal language.

  • Speaking in English won't make you forget your country.

    The English Language won't rob you of your culture. You can still speak your own language anytime. The only reason why we have English as a universal language is for us to communicate with each other. This does not mean that French, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, etc. languages are less beautiful than English. Speaking in English won't mean you neglect your own country. Brothers and Sisters you must understand that this world needs us, the human race, together. Let us not start a World War III just because of an argument about whose language deserves to be the primary language. We need to understand each other, that's what matters.

  • Of course it should.

    Arguments against mainly state that other languages have value, And that English is not inherently superior. These points are moot, Even if they are valid.

    This question is really two-part. First, Should we have a standard language, And second, Should that language be English. I answer yes to both parts. We need a standard language, Because it facilitates the exchange of information, Ideas, And commerce around the world. This improves life for everyone. Standardization has always done this, From measurements, To driving, To PC architecture. Standards make life easier and improve the economy, Allowing us do get more done with less effort. Why convert your units of measurement to mine and back, Introducing overhead and opportunity for error? Standards avoid all of this and allow us to focus on the business of actually getting things done.

    As to why the standard language should be English, The answer is the same: economics. English is the most spoken language worldwide among (not within) nations, Because while Chinese extremely popular in raw numbers, It is scarcely spoken outside of China. Meanwhile English is an official language in 67 countries, Compared to just 20 for the second-most popular language by native speakers: Spanish. And when counting total (not just native) number of speakers, English edges out Chinese speakers by some 200M. English is, By far, The most common language for science, Technology, Engineering, And mathematics, And that means using any other language has a burden of translating all of these existing works to that language. In the end, Though, It doesn't matter whether or not we *should* have a standardized language, Or whether English *should* be that language, Because it's already happening. English is the fastest spreading language in human history, According to the Harvard Business Review. Even among the respondents who have said "no, " they have ALL used English to make their arguments. So even those who disagree in theory agree in practice. QED.

  • Just make the world easier.

    It isn't taking away identity at all like the no voters are stating, And due to the internet, Science, Educational books and businesses, English should be the primary by now. I could list 100 more reasons but too tired. Following your 'own' language will not help your progress later on in life because the 3/4 of the 1st world countries aren't patient enough for that attitude sadly. . . . . . . And why should they?

  • Businesses look up to those who are bilingual and especially if they speak english in foreign countries

    These are countless people on this earth who only speak on language wether thats Chinese, indian, or Spanish. However, english has been around for more than thousands years and was most commonly spoken across the countries for years. There are so many languages out there and because english is the most commonly spoken it would be easier if we all could communicate equally without controversy.

  • We would all be the same.

    If we are all speaking English then our own way of speaking is taken away from us. We would all know what each other are taking about and then you would have no identity. It would also be impossible as there are so many different languages. So thats my reason.

  • Unfair & disrespectful

    Why should English speaking people learn to speak other languages? Why even ask this question? Considering English is not the most widely spoken language in the world. That one is actually Mandarin, Spanish comes second. Why don't you almighty English speaking people get out of your ivory tower and learn Mandarin, in exchange, Mandarin speaking people will learn to speak to you in your language. Respect is a two way road. There is no respect in and demanding the world to speak your language to your convenience, while you pay zero effort in trying to communicate in other people's convenience.

  • English is just one language among the others

    Languages are tied to the way humans think. English shouldn't be the world's lingua franca, as it shouldn't be French or German or any other language, in this regard. Languages are vectors of culture and boiling the world's culture down to one language is dangerous for the humanity. Just look at the yes group proponent : they are mostly English native speakers (Americans?) who have a warped view of the world and its very nature : diversity. I believe diversity is good and benefit all of us. "just about every culture in the world would be served well if they could communicate effectively with the united states of America." That sums up pretty much the dangerousness of a common language which would just benefit only one country over the others.

  • Standardizing a language worldwide is an impossible task given the fact that language are constantly changing.

    Despite the normalizing effects of modern media such as the internet and television, language is always changing. Any attempt to standardize a language worldwide will fail because languages will diversify to mutually unintelligible dialects over time. This is shown by the fact that many separate varieties of English exist in the world, which over time may drift further apart in similarity.

    Posted by: eclair910
  • English being standardized, as convenient as it would be, would diminish our cultural diversity.

    This would mean that we would lose valuable parts our our culture. Take Chinese for example, frequently used proverbs and sayings contain beautiful peices of literacy that do not exist in english. However, if most people could be bilingual and understand english well enough, we could be able to acheive the same efficeincy without so much compromising culture.

  • why would you do this?

    there is absolutely no reason for one world language. That would destroy so much culture and diversity. And plus the english language is made up of so many other languages whats the point? If this ever happens than the new world order might be up to something and we should be worried lol.

  • There is no reason to have one standard primary language around the world.

    Language is an important part of culture. It doesn't make sense to require that English be spoken in a country where English isn't part of their culture. Many people in other countries learn some English as a second language, and their schools may require it. But it would not be reasonable or possible to require everyone in the world to learn English.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • I strongly disagree to the statement that English be standardized as the worldwide primary language.

    Everything in this world looks beautiful, if it's different. For example, the color combination of many flowers together in a vase makes it attractive. Similarly, different language of the world are unique as its hold a lot of cultural and historical heritage.
    English is important but it shouldn't be standardized as primary language because they are many under developed countries, where they do not know English. many people have understood the importance of English and that's is why, countries like China and Korea have started teaching English in schools. As of now we cannot agree on making English as worldwide primary language but yes, English is important.

    Posted by: MoreyCIaw
  • English is not a naturally superior language thus it should not be made the world standard.

    If anything, a neutral language like Esperanto should be standardized as a global language. English is not inherently superior, logical, easy to learn, or 'better'. Yes, at this point in time English speakers are probably the most powerful bloc, but historically at any given time this could change. So it makes no sense to impose English on the rest of the world.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • It should not be made the world language.

    Until there is the competition between cultures and people would give up , English will not be the one and only hi-phi language.It discriminates other languages.What about the cultural language of the people?These languages also have some value.This world is ours. We have the right to speak any type of language we want.I am an Indian i should tell that all of us should speak Hindi . It is the same argument for each and every country that has its own language and culture. If we follow English language , it means that we are surrendering our cultural languages under English.Should we accept the sovereignty of English?We have or own language and we should follow that.

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