• Esperanto Globally Designed.

    Why doesn't everyone keep their mother tongue and use esperanto, a language specially designed to be adaptable and widely accepted, for international relations. Though it is currently largely based on proto-european languages it is open to change. This adaptivity would make it an ideal global language. If people could be content learning this elastic language, language could be used as a bridge instead of the barrier people sometimes see internationally.

  • What better than English?

    English is taught In most of the schools as a first language, so a coaching is given at a young age itself. Moreover most celebrities and other prominent leaders or people prefer to talk in English. Even natives in many different countries try only speaking in English even if they know the popular medium of a talk in a society; many consider it as a mean to show-off

  • why not chinese?

    i don't see why we should be the global language. it seems very American for us to even think it should be. If there should be a global language, which there shouldn't be, it should be China on the basis that they outnumber every other country and their a significant manufacturing society,

  • English Should Not Be Global Language

    I do not think that English should be the global language. First, everyone who is in America is an immigrant (except for Native Americans) and all spoke different languages upon arrival. Second, if countries all over the world had to speak English, they may lose their original languages and this would be bad for culture and history. Additionally, it is pretty self-centered to think that English should be the global language when more people speak versions of Spanish or Portuguese or Mandarin.

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