Should English be the global language: Is there a factor that makes English superior to other languages?

  • English is superior.

    All other languages are trash and irrelevant and should be destroyed as they are inferior and make everything confusing for everyone. Also everyone speaks English, so we should just make it the native language for everyone so we no longer need to learn useless foreign languages that we'll never use anyway because everyone already speaks our language.

  • I think so

    English is already wide spread particularly among rich countries. It was spread through the British Empire and then finalised by the United States as the global language. It is the native language in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and NZ and many smaller countries. It is common in the Scandinavian countries. All in all there's about 500 million people who are very fluent in it and several hundred million more with some capability. It is the dominate language in aviation, science, economics, diplomacy and many more areas. This is why I think it will be the main language of the future as opposed to other common ones such as Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi or Arabic.

  • English is the best global language

    Yes, I think that English should be the global language since it seems to be widely spoken in most countries or at least understood by many in many different countries. English is easy to both read and write which makes it the best language to be put forward to become the global language.

  • English is superior because it is most used

    Whatever the world should be, it is what it is, and the fact is that English has already developed as the lingua franca for business and government throughout the world. This is the primary factor that makes it worthwhile as a global language - it is already widely known and used, thus it would take huge resources and in fact likely be impossible to switch which language is used internationally. This reason alone makes it superior to other languages as a global language.

  • There is more to a language than how often it is used

    Evidence suggests that languages that are strong future languages like English lead to more temporal discounting i.e. less concern or preparation for the future and hence more risky financial decisions, gambling, smoking, and just impulsive behavior in general.

    Studies also suggest that gendered languages encourage sexist attitudes.

    There may well be benefits from having a strong future language or a gendered language as well as drawbacks that linguists haven't pointed out. But the point is that the way a language is structured effects how people think. So no, English is NOT superior. And NO English should NOT at least NOT blindly be made into a global language. Linguists should study the issue more, and the public should think about and have conversations about what a language should promote in thinking. We should create a whole new language. Even that language won't be superior in absolute terms, but it can be superior relative to some set of criteria. Maybe a couple new languages. Make a language that is best for enhancing scientific thought and teach it to anyone who wants to be a scientist, a language best for art and teach it to artists, etc... But then also a common international language. But at least based on current evidence there doesn't seem to be much advantage at all to having a strong future language so that language should be constructed to be a weak future one.

  • All animals are equal but some more equal than others (Irony)

    Language is the filter through which we see the world. Foreign languages aren't just another means of communicating, or communicating using different words, it is a different way of thinking. The thought that only your way of thinking can be correct is wrong.(irony) Be open to other peoples ways, have an open mind and an open heart.

  • All languages equal.

    All languages are equal because they aren't just the sum of their words. Each language has specific traits that make it inherently unique and give its speakers a different view of the world. NO language is perfect, mind you but each has something to offer that no other can. If we, ( a confusing english word, if you think about it) as a world want a universally understood tongue it should be an easily adaptable to everyone's expectations.

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