Should English be the official language in the United States?

  • It is most used language around the world, it will bring everyone together into one, and everyone should know how to speak the language.

    It's not the only language spoken in U.S. You can't force those who don't know English. There wouldn't be any cultural diversity if all we know is English. Other people of different cultures wouldn't be able to talk to their families and immigrants failed to adapt and eventually returned to their native countries.

  • English should be the language.

    Yes, english should be the official language of the united states. Yes there are immigrants who speak other languages but, majority of people in the united states speak english. The constitution was written in english. English people founded the United States as well. English has been in the country for 100's of years now and should be considered the language of the U.S.A.

  • English should be the official language.

    English is the language that our forefathers used to write the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other documents that became the cornerstone of this country. We are a melting pot of many different cultures that speak many different languages. Those people can keep their culture and language. English is what is taught and spoken in our learning institutions. Our culture has been based around the English language. Many people feel that English should not be the official language, but then how would we communicate with each other and teach our students.

  • No beaus no

    U should not bc u are just all a joke u guys think the world needs to speak english you fool you guys and girls should stop beig mean to people who speak other languge not english you peeps are just dumb because you are mean to mexico and donald trump

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